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****October 2020 update: Tanya's Autumn/ Winter 1:1 consultation packages are now fully booked. We will be opening up the bookings for the January - March 2021 period at the end of November, please visit the 1:1 appointments section to submit a request and register your interest in working with her. ****

Identifying root causes to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing

Our bodies need the correct balance of nutrients to function optimally. Stress, pollution, poor diet, and, in fact, just the impact of everyday living can all combine to deplete us of these essential nutrients and disrupt our natural equilibrium. This leaves us vulnerable to system imbalances and the related physiological processes.

These imbalances start to show if left unchecked, taking the form of health complaints including chronic pain, digestive issues, PMS, weight gain, fatigue and chronic disease. Dis-ease quite literally means "moving away from ease".

Feel un/familiar?

If you are reading this site I imagine somewhere along the line you started feeling "unwell" or just not yourself. Perhaps you feel tired or foggy-headed, or have gained weight unexpectedly, or are having unusual pain and discomfort. You may have had blood tests and been told that everything seems normal, yet you feel far from "normal".

Diet and lifestyle are everything

Poor health is individual to you. It may display as migraines or IBS, bloating, weight fluctuations, immune reactions or pain. Such symptoms arise from the interaction of our unique genetic code with our environment, or what we term ‘triggers’ in functional medicine. A trigger is any stimulus that causes a bodily system to react, such as a food, a hormone, an infection from a virus, a bacteria or a toxin.

A great analogy of this model is to think of our genetic code and ancestry as the bullet in the gun, and our environment as what pulls the trigger. By examining your dietary and lifestyle choices in detail, I can provide a specifically tailored plan to meet your unique needs and health concerns. I use the principles of functional medicine in my work, which aim to unravel the core imbalances that underlie or cause ill health rather than simply offering short-term fixes to the symptoms that arise from a condition.

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