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How It Works

I have trained extensively in Functional Medicine and am one of only 15 fully certified IFM practitioners in the UK. Functional Medicine is a holistic and science-led approach which treats each person individually, focusing on the underlying factors that are causing and fuelling your symptoms or condition. The guiding principle is getting to the root cause of health issues and thereby restore the body to optimal health and wellness.

Read more about functional medicine.

The way that I work with clients differs considerably from the conventional model so please do read the following information thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the process.

Somewhat like a health detective, I will gather clues from your past, conduct thorough testing and scientific research to unlock your true vitality. The key to this is the development of a personalised Treatment Plan which includes nutrition advice, botanical medicines, supplements, specialised dietary programs such as gut healing, weight-loss or tailored elimination diets, stress-management techniques and exercise advice. In Functional Medicine, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment so even if you and a friend have the same symptoms or condition you won’t get the same treatment plan because your journeys have been entirely different and unique.

It takes time to find root causes, conduct testing and research and connect all the dots to best optimise your health. In this type of work I cannot truly help you in one to two sessions. It’s rather like committing to increase your fitness in order to run a marathon; a one off session at the gym or going to a class every once in while isn’t going to achieve your goal of completing that marathon. After years practicing in this way, I have a sense of how much time it may take to facilitate healing. Plan on a minimum of 5 months, but be aware that for some it may be a longer process, and a commitment. You can read some testimonials from my previous clients here.

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This is to ensure that you are a good medical fit and that your health goals are the right match for Tanya’s practice. Once reviewed by Tanya, her team will contact you within three working days to offer your Initial Consultation. You will then be sent your Pre-Appointment Health Forms.

Please note: Due to Tanya’s high demand and the time she spends on each clients' case, please be aware that she is at capacity for taking in new clients. Tanya will be opening up her client list again in September 2018, and due to the complex nature of the cases she takes on, will only be offer treatment packages from this time. Full details of which will be updated on the website by July.

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Process & Fees

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Initial Consultation - 85 minutes - £325

Attend your Appointment in clinic in Lewes or London:

Visit Us

  • Tanya Borowski's Clinic & Store, Old Needlemakers, West Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2NZ
  • The Natural Doctor, 69 Harley Street, London W1G 80E (currently not offering appointments from this location)

Please note: We are currently offering new appointments from September 2018 onwards in Lewes, East Sussex only.

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  • A detailed discussion about the information provided in your Pre-Appointment Health Forms
  • A review of your current diet, nutritional supplements
 and any medication
  • With your consent, a body systems functional health assessment is undertaken, which can include any of the following: body composition analysis, pulse oxygenation, blood pressure and basic blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides analysis
  • Review of any current and relevant blood work you can provide
  • Time to discuss your symptoms, health concerns, social history, diet and exercise and thorough review of your medical history
  • Ordering of possible laboratory testing to identify biochemical imbalances to enhance treatment plan outcomes
  • Receiving an Initial Treatment Plan to follow based on the information gathered to date that will include diet, lifestyle and some nutritional supplements as appropriate to your case

A beautifully presented hard copy Summary Review is provided within 6 working days following your consultation.

Summary Review includes:

  • Tanya’s hypothesis of your health complaints
  • Summary of the underlying patterns she believes are contributing to your symptoms

Start following your Treatment Plan!

This point speaks for itself. Start following the advice to start seeing changes.

Initial Follow Up Appointment - £210 per hour*

Your Follow Up Appointment will focus on the outcome of changes recommended in your initial Treatment Plan, the results of any tests and will include a full explanation of any results taken.

This appointment is generally made 2-3 months following your Initial Consultation, allowing time to follow the advise Tanya has provided.


  • Monitoring your response to treatment
  • Tanya’s professional Summary Review of any laboratory testing results
  • Talking you through your revised plan step by step and time for any questions you may have

Follow Up Treatment Plan includes:

  • Hypothesis Summary - including test results
  • Functional Nutrition Prescription
  • Supplement Prescription
  • Lifestyle Prescription

* The hourly rate is calculated to include professional time taken on reporting outside of face to face clinic time. For example, you may have a 40 minute Skype follow up and Tanya will use the remaining 20 minutes to write your new treatment plan.


  • 30 minutes £105
  • 45 minutes £158
  • 60 minutes £210

Subsequent Follow Up Appointments - £210 per hour*

You may schedule Follow Up Appointments throughout the remainder of your Treatment Plan. These can be in clinic or via phone/Skype.

Follow Up Appointment includes:

  • Ordering any follow up laboratory testing needed as treatment progress
  • Adjustments to treatment based upon laboratory findings and your level of responsiveness
  • Explanation any new laboratory findings
  • Monitoring your response to treatment
  • An updated bespoke Follow Up Treatment Plan


  • 30 minutes £105
  • 45 minutes £158
  • 60 minutes £210

Appointments for Children

Tanya welcomes the treatment of children (under 15’s) and offers her service at a reduced rate

  • Child Initial Consultation and Treatment Plan - 60 minutes £225
  • Child Follow Up Appointment - 30 minutes £55
  • Child Follow Up Appointment - 60 minutes £110