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The Best of Health Total Body Reset

7 Day Functional Health Retreat

 The Best of Health Total Body Reset 

Southern France June 2020


Join me on my most comprehensive health programme yet, a Total Body Reset that will have lasting effects and include key principles which can be continued at home. I will share concepts to help you form new habits, which can become second nature and facilitate your return to the very BEST of health!


As a fully certified Functional Medicine practitioner, who is passionate about health and wellbeing I have curated a 7-day Functional Health Retreat, set in Château de Puissentut in the heart of the Gers region in South-West France. The owners, DK & his wife Angela have beautifully restored and renovated the Château, while the grey washed stone walls have stood for centuries, the interior is airy and retro in decor. It captured my heart three years ago when I first visited and the seeds were sown for this Retreat! 




There are four core elements to The Best of Health Total Body Reset: Nutrition +Mind + Body + Functional Medicine which collectively provide a powerful formula to create a 7-day programme to help you achieve transformational levels of health, energy and wellbeing. To deliver this unique programme, I have partnered with three other highly regarded professionals in their field of expertise:


Emma Massingam - massage therapist & yoga teacher 

Gemma Morris - Personal Trainer and sports nutritionist 

Name? - our in-house holistic chef 


Over the 7 days my team and I will create a personalised Best of Health- Total Body Reset Toolbox of resources for you to get to the 'Best of Health' during your stay and of course to take home and use in your everyday life. We will focus and build on your personal health notes to then provide recipes, ideas how best to exercise for your needs and goals, your recommended supplements, a personalised nutritional analysis programme, functional test results and reporting( if pre ordered), skin care advice and more. This is a completly unique offering, unparralled by other retreat companies, I truly want to personalise this experience as much as possible for you to get absolute best from our team. To keep the ratio of “team” to guests high and be able to provide you with the time you deserve, I only have 15 spaces available on this unique Functional Health Retreat and you will receive 100% from the four professionals throughout the week. 

What are the goals of The Total Body Reset?

  • To improve focus and productivity

  • Preserving brain vitality

  • Ditch the belly bloat or stress paunch you’ve struggled with for too long

  • Overcome cravings for sugar and processed food

  • Optimise better sleep patterns so you can wake up feeling rested

  • Kick start new healthy habits that can last a lifetime

  • Reset metabolic pathways to lose unwanted weight naturally, without deprivation and restriction

  • Reduce your risk for chronic diseases

How do I know if this retreat is for me? 

Do you have aches and pains that can’t be explained by overuse or injury? 

Do you feel that you are running on half empty or burst into tears at the drop of a hat? Are you having a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try? 

Do you have a diagnosis of diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, IBS or are you on medication like statins?  

Have you noticed you are just not as sharp mentally as you were?

Do you want to learn about your body, optimise your wellbeing  and be in the very BEST of health? 


If any of these conditions, symptoms  or statements resonate with you then my Best of Health Total Body Reset Retreat is for you! 

A typical day on the 7 Day Total Body Reset

8.00am  Group walk / Jog/ trot or Dynamic pilates flow  on alternate days

9.00am Breakfast A Functional Health Workshop by Tanya: Busting Diet Myths: 5:2, Intermittent Fasting, The Blood Sugar Diet -what is the optimal approach ( 50 mins)

11.30- 12.30pm Group fitness session with Gemma

Free time or massage or private consultation with Tanya 

1.30pm Lunch and laughter

Free time or massage or private consultation with Tanya 

4.30-5.30pm Group fitness session with Gemma 

6pm-6.40pm Evening Restorative Yoga Nida with Emma

7.15pm Dinner 


Your massage and consultation with Tanya will be booked into your week by head office - none of the group activities as listed here will have to be missed.

The core elements to The Best of Health Total Body Reset:


"You are what you eat" may sound like a bit of a cliché, but it’s quite literally true. The virtues of a balanced diet have long since been promoted by health professionals, and with good reason. Fad diets or putting your body through extreme ‘quick fixes’ are not sustainable ways of staying healthy and in shape. 


All meals have been designed to be abundant in colour and texture, providing the nutrients and phytochemicals  to work on a therapeutic level to balance blood sugar levels, best manage feisty hormones such as insulin, leptin and cortisol that disrupt metabolism , boost microbiome diversity and lessen bloating.  


As important as the food itself it the way we engage with our food. Meal times at the retreat are a wonderful social occasion too. Setting the scene for engaging conversations, laughter and making new connections and friends. The power that can be harnessed in a group setting never ceases to amaze me. 


You'll also receive all our recipes at the end of the retreat so you can keep on eating the same delicious food at home. The menu will be packed with colour and nutrients, organic or locally sourced , alcohol & gluten free, and overall be vegetarian with 2 pescetarian evening meals (we can cater for individual intolerances and sensitivities). 


Example daily menu 

Herbal teas avaialble from 745am 


*Theraputic juice( changes daily), such as Tanya’s  gentle gut cleasner, The Kiwi Kiss!

* Local fruit platter 

* Berber eggs

*Overnight oats with grated apple and cinnamon 

* Tanya’s Flaxseed bread loaf served with homemande nut butter and chia seed & blueberry jam

*Organic coffee, fresh herbal teas, nut and oat mylks





Under the guidance of our Personal Trainer Gemma, you’ll be offered a carefully selected series of physical exercises every day, stimulating fat loss & kickstarting metabolism while also supporting anyone in the group that is suffering with pain or specific conditions. 


From group walking, Jogging, HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training), Resistance Training, Dynamic Pilates flows, there will be three “Body” sessions per day activating different areas of the body and getting you to a level where you feel confident to carry on with regular exercises at home. 


All sessions are optional, this is not a boot camp! But we of course encourage you to participate as much as you can,  at a level that suits you - we’ve got your back! 


Your massage with qualified masseuse Emma is designed to treat the individual and can be relaxing, balancing or energising -  you choose. Emma is trained in many different disciplines from reflexology, Rieki, to no hands, Shamanic Altai massage, trigger point, Myofascial release, lymphatic drainage & deep tissue -  you will be, quite literally, in great hands! 

Functional Medicine

“As a functional medicine practitioner, I know there can be many underlying reasons that can lead to weight gain, low energy, insatiable cravings, increased cardiovascular & Type 2 Diabetes occurrence, cognitive decline and brain fog. Functional medicine seeks to address the root causes of health problems rather than seeking to offer a ‘quick fix’, as can often be the case when using conventional medicine alone”. Tanya x 


Over the course of the week, through Functional Health presentations and nutritional and lifestyle workshops Tanya will present her in-depth knowledge to cover the key roles of the gut, immune system, gut brain axis and hormones. You’ll learn how lifestyle and environmental factors can disrupt these intertwined systems and lead to symptoms and disease. You will learn how to work on these factors, be given many tools through combining nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental advice to better optimise your overall health. 


Every guest also has an individual 60 minute consultation with Tanya in order to produce a personalised nutritional analysis programme to take home in your tool kit as well any suitable supplemental and lifestyle guidelines. Although not compulsory, to make the most of this time with Tanya and the Retreat itself having clear data in the form of test results will enhance the advice Tanya can provide during your consultation (see testing options section below). You will be asked to complete and return a detailed questionnaire and food diary^ ( this data used to form your diet analysis report) on your current health, fitness levels & goals so the entire team can tailor all four areas of The Best of Health  Reset program to your bespoke needs.


Advanced functional medicine and comprehensive laboratory tests can measure your metabolic status, inflammation, genetics, hormones and your digestive tract.  Before the Retreat we also offer a 20 minute online/phone consultation with Tanya, to best assess what testing profile would be best suited for you. 


Our programme includes a series of daily guided meditations and  breathing exercises to help refocus on what’s truly important, restore calm & tranquility. Every evening at 6pm Emma will run a restorative 40 minute Yoga Nidra session. Workshops and seminars will also certainly keeping the mind stimulated with new information.

The Chateau Puissentut 

You’ll stay in one of 10 bedrooms, all with ensuite shower rooms. Each room has been individually styled showcasing exposed beams and original limestone brickwork. 


The beautiful grounds of the Chateau are filled with French lavender and wildflowers. We have ensured you have free time in our programme so that you can soak up some sunshine or enjoy the refreshing salt water pool. There are plenty of quiet spots in the Chateau’s grounds to read, rest and contemplate or you can enjoy a walk along one of the  woodland paths surrounding the Château. Our daily gourmet meals are served al fresco in the flower covered courtyard.

What’s included in your Retreat

*Pre-retreat 20 minute consultation online/phone consultation with Tanya, to best assess what testing profile would be best suited for you and ensure you get the most out of your Retreat.


*An exclusively limited group, maximum of 15 guests so we can dedicate sufficient personal time to each of you


*7 nights accommodation in boutique rooms with en-suite bathrooms 


*2 x daily physical fitness sessions (which can accommodate all levels of fitness and injury) to tone the body, build strength & endurance & stimulate fat burn with Gemma,  a results orientated, empathetic and gentle personal trainer


* 1 x  daily Sunrise (8am) pilates flow or guided walk, jog or trot alongside the sunflower fields that  surround the Chateau


*1 x guided walk/hike (2.5-3 hrs) on the Saturday 


*1 x daily 6pm yoga nidra restorative session


*3 x daily gourmet meals supporting gut healing and optimizing metabolism. All produce is local, organic & sustainably sourced. A herbal tea, fresh herbs and spices and water station is available all day 


*1 x 60 minute massage or facial ritual of your choice 


*1 x 60 minute individual consultation with Tanya, that includes a comprehensive dietary analysis with an explanatory report^ and recommendations to boost your nutrition status.  (If pre-retreat testing has been performed, written explanations are provided for you in the consultation also)


*3 x Functional Health seminars delivered by Tanya 


*1 x Cooking demo and recipes to take home 


1x Your individualised Best of Heath Toolkit, full of resources added to by the team over the week for you to take home, such as how best to exercise for your needs, recommended supplements, skincare recommendations, recipes, functional test results with explanations( if taken), skin care advice and regimes and a personalised nutritional analysis programme


1 x Liferocks mini brushed copper water bottle 


*Free time to use the salt water pool and wander the beautiful grounds or sunbathe


*Transfer to & from Toulouse airport on arrival and departure days on our recommended flights.


24th June - 1st July 7 nights 

What’s not included

Flights to and from Toulouse 

Transfers to/from airport if you are not on or meeting the nominated British Airways flights - these can be booked for €95 one way per car by contacting my office on

Travel or Health Insurance

Travel Arrangements

Airport transfers to the Chateau (approx 45 minutes) will be arranged for you to meet the following recommended flights, a member of the team will meet you in the arrivals hall at Toulouse airport :


24/06/20: Depart LHR 14.00 Arrive Toulouse 16.50 - BA0374

1/07/20: Depart Toulouse 11.15 Arrive LHR 12.15 - BA0373


There are other flights into Toulouse from Bristol, Gatwick, Luton. You are welcome to wait and join the free transfer (please advise us if you wish to do so to ensure we book enough spaces) or we can arrange a taxi for you at a cost €95 each way to and from the Chateau by contacting my office on

Prices and payment


Two sharing     Single 

£1995 each       £2795


Payment is in two parts: a deposit payment and a final instalment.


Deposit payment: £350

Payment of the deposit guarantees your booking and a space on the retreat. Your deposit payment is non-refundable. 


Final installment:

8 weeks before departure

If you cancel 6 weeks before arrival - we will refund 50% of total cost. If you cancel less than 6 weeks before arrival - we will charge 100% of total cost. This does not affect your legal right to transfer your booking to another person in certain circumstances.

If you will be booking your holiday less than 8 weeks prior to departure, we will require full payment at the time of booking.


It is your responsibility to book your flight times with your airline before your outward and return journey.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of private travel insurance with protection for the full duration of the holiday in respect of medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment, with adequate cover.

Additional treatments and services 

Nutraceauticals & supplements

Private Personal Training sessions with Gemma - price

Extra Massages offered in house

Pre Retreat Lab Testing Services - tbc 

CMP £325

Advanced cardio add on 


Gut package

  • Stool

  • SIBO

  • Oral 

Your Team 


Gemma started off her career as a professional contemporary dancer and worked for dance companies across the UK. This prompted a passion for health and fitness and in 2009 Gemma trained to become a personal trainer. She runs her own business in Sussex which specialises in Pre & Postnatal health, fitness and nutrition. Gemma is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist. In her own time, she trains for Marathons and Half-Marathons.


Emma has over 20 years of experience in body work and holistic practice. She has worked and studied all over the world and has a deep passion for transformation through body work, breath work, yoga and mindfulness. She has studied many different disciplines ranging from deep tissue massage, reflexology, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, shamanic Altai massage.....and many more. Emma is also a trained facialist and loves to create bespoke and relaxing organic facials which she combines with her other treatments. creating top to toe relaxation, you can request a facial instead of your massage or book in as an extra treat. 

Her passion for yoga led her to teaching Seasonal Yoga through which, she combines all of her learning and wisdom to create bespoke and individual treatments, depending on the clients needs that day.  

We very much look forward to - add something here...