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Thousands of women are diagnosed with under-active thyroid and gratefully take thyroid replacement . But, after a brief honeymoon period of feeling improved and relief to receive a “diagnosis” they often do not feel well, with many of the old symptoms returning: 

Exhaustion, brain fog, hair shedding, weight gain, dry skin, together with gut issues like constipation and bloating. 

Why? In short the root causes have not been addressed. Thyroid hormone replacement (Levothyroxine), is well placed and very frequently required, but, the root cause of what has disrupted thyroid physiology to produce thyroid hormone or trigger tissue autoimmunity, needs to be addressed. It’s a full body, multi-system project that’s required, welcome to:- 

The Thyroid Thriving Programme

After 14 years of seeing clients 1-2-1 in clinical practice, taking a specialist interest & helping many women with Hashimoto’s & Thyroid disease, to uncover their ‘root causes’, I have created a programme to facilitate being able to support and help many more women, while also creating a thriving and supportive community. I have seen the strength that can be harnessed through combining knowledge with a sense of community and the feeling of being “heard”.  This combination is infinitely more powerful than doing this alone, and the perfect roadmap for success.  

The Thyroid Thriving programme has been created exclusively for women with underactive thyroid.  Whether you have an autoimmune condition (Hashimoto’s disease), or Hypothyroidism. The programme provides:

  • Cutting-edge information that steps you through a process and customizes it for your needs along the way
  • 6 x Thyroid root cause webinar classes delivered live (and recorded) spaced over 12 weeks (2 x a month); which at this pace you'll find focus, motivation and the drive to make changes
  • Interactive post class Q&A sessions with Tanya 
  • Additional information handouts and videos to support your health journey
  • Unique access to your very own Thyroid focused private community Facebook group, moderated by Tanya.  This group will be a safe space you can come to for support whenever you need it and connect with fellow Thyroid Thrivers
  • Beautifully curated  meal plans and your personal copy of the Thyroid Thriving recipe book
  • Fully referenced advice on nutraceutical supplements in the Thyroid setting, providing health benefits beyond foundational nutrition
  • 1-2-1 private consultations with Tanya (Thyroid Thriving Plus only

I hope you will join me in September, to start your journey to addressing your root causes and thereby optimizing your health. 

Tanya  x

The Thyroid Thriving Programme 

The Thyroid Thriving programme is centred around  3 core principles: Learning more about your health | Expertise | Community & Support

Allow me to elaborate upon each of these principles here, or skip to the "choose your programme" section  if your don't need/ want all the additional information:  

1. Learning more about your health  

-Through Interactive, professional & insightful webinar classes deliver by Tanya. 

  • There are 6 x Thyroid root cause webinar classes spaced over 12 weeks (2 x a month). At this pace  you'll find focus, motivation and the drive to make changes.  The root cause topics have been thoughtfully structured in a particular sequential order, from years of experience and and working in clinical practice.

  • The 70 minute webinar classes are delivered live & recorded with interactive post class Q&A. If you are unable to attend live,  questions can be sent in advance.

Webinar class dates

7pm (70 mins) on 14th 28th September; 12th 26th October; 9th 23rd November 2021. Remember all are recorded if you cannot make them live. Interactive Q&A follows each class at 8.15pm.










-With additional educational & supportive resources:

  • 2 x  30 min bonus videos :  1) Welcome to Thyroid Thriving  2) Thyroid medication guide 

  • Beautifully crafted food plan guide

  • The Thyroid Thriving dispensary guide

  • New exclusive Thyroid Thriving Recipe book

  • 10 plus Information handouts from testing guides to nutrient sources and everything in between

  • Comprehensive health questionnaires to complete & return for review by Tanya

You will have 6 or 12 month^^ access to webinars to revisit your favourite modules of the programme

^^ dependant on which plan is selected

2.      Professional Expertise

Full disclaimer: I am a biochemistry geek! I never stop looking for answers or seeking to improve my knowledge to help my clients. And I am 100% committed to sharing this knowledge with you, in a way that will engage and inspire you to make health changes for life.  

I first received a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and then after studying with the Institute for Functional Medicine in America for 5 years, in April 2016 was one of first 15 to gain the qualification - fully certified Functional Medicine Practitioner status in the UK. 

I have also undertaken thousands of hours of undergraduate and postgraduate training to provide me with increased expertise in hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's, functional digestive conditions and functional endocrinology. My quest for knowledge has allowed me to partake in specialist training with some of the most respected functional medical doctors and specialists in their fields. I’ve completed training with leading coeliac and gluten sensitivity specialists including Dr. Tom O'Bryan, and programmes with renowned autoimmunity and thyroid specialists Dr. Datis Kharrazian and Dr. Izabella Wentz, including Dr. Izabella Wentz’s 12 week certification program through her Hashimoto’s Institute.

What am I studying currently? I believe learning should never stop, to that end, I'm studying with Cogence immunology under Dr Samuel Yanuck,  Cogence offers the most deep dive functional immunology learning programme for healthcare professionals. In addition, I am also studying Herbal Medicine for Women with Dr Aviva Romm at a post graduate level. 

All of this gained knowledge I pledge to share with you! 

3. Community & Support

Membership to Thyroid Thriving closed Facebook group, where you can:

  • Share and connect with other people in the same situation
  • Ask questions of each other and of course Tanya, who will moderate and facilitate the group

All members will be asked to complete and return health questionnaires for Tanya’s review, so she can make sound recommendations understanding any medications you are taking. 

Choose your programme

Thyroid Thriving 12 Week Programme Thyroid Thriving PLUS 12 Week Programme

  • 6 x Thyroid root cause webinar classes, delivered live with interactive Q&A at the close of each class- attend live or watch the recording

  • 1 x welcome video ( pre - recorded)

  • Thyroid Thriving food plan & Thyroid Thriving e-recipe book

  • Supplement recommendations as appropriate to each class topic and your path

  • The Thyroid Thriving dispensary guide

  • 10+ information handouts 

  • Thyroid medication guide video

  • Blood testing recommendations 

  • Exclusive Facebook support community during the 12 weeks, moderated by Tanya personally

  • 6 month access to the webinar class recordings 

COST  £399




  • 6 x Thyroid root cause webinar classes , delivered live with interactive Q&A at the close of each class- attend live or watch the recording

  • 1 x welcome video (pre-recorded)

  • Thyroid Thriving food plan & Thyroid Thriving A5 hard copy recipe book

  • The Thyroid Thriving dispensary guide

  • 10+ information handouts 

  • Thyroid medication guide video

  • Exclusive Facebook support community during the 12 weeks , moderated by Tanya personally

  • 1 x 60 minute private initial consultation** (via Zoom) with Tanya

  • 2 x 60 minute private consultations, to allow for monthly case review progress.   

  • Personalised blood test and any functional testing interpretations 

  • Individualised supplement, lifestyle and exercise advice 

  • Following private consultation sessions, personalised testing recommendations and advise

  • Eligibility for  1-2-1 follow up packages if you need further support after programme completion

  • 12 month access to the webinar class recordings 




To apply for the Plus Programme, please request a discovery call with Tanya. The discovery call allows you to have a 15 minute brief chat with Tanya and for you both to assess if Thyroid Thriving is a suitable programme for you. 

** The initial private consultation will be scheduled in the 4 weeks leading up the commencement of the programme. You’ll  be asked to complete a detailed medical questionnaire at the start of the programme, which you’ll go through with Tanya at this first meeting, together with taking a medical and lifestyle timeline. Taking this information allows her to start creating a mind map of your case and where to place the most focus through the 12 weeks.

Book a discovery call to join the September 2021 intake

The discovery call allows you to have a 15 minute brief chat with Tanya, for you both to assess if Thyroid Thriving is a suitable programme for you. If you both agree this programme is for you, an offer will be made via  e-mail which will include a payment link to secure your place. 

Thyroid Thriving FAQ’s