Thriving Thyroid Education Plan


A Welcome to Thyroid Thriving video

This recorded video will cover:

  • The fundamental principles of the Thyroid Thriving food plan
  • Making food preparation easy- Join me in my kitchen where I'll be encouraging you to clear out your kitchen of hidden nutrient depleting foods, talk you through labelling which can be overwhelming and demonstrating foundational recipes to help build your confidence in navigating a new way of cooking.

  • Guided instructions of joining the closed facebook group

  • Setting the scene for success

Thyroid Medication Guide video

Whether you are looking or you are currently on medication, you need to know more about it! During this recorded video session, I'll walk you through the difference in the two approaches (Levothyroxine & NDT) explain the strengths and limitations of each, and how they can help be part of the plan in supporting your thyroid and journey to optimal health. 

The Root Cause Webinars

Class 1 | 7pm on Tuesday 14th September | Testing & Nutritional Recovery 

We will cover:

  • Understand the many roles of the Thyroid, what goes wrong in hypothyroidism & how we begin mapping a plan of action
  • Testing: What Thyroid markers and specific nutrients are required, with a definitive guide to optimal ranges

  • Diet & Nutrition Interventions: What is the best diet model to follow: gluten, dairy, goitrogens & Iodine - all will be discussed! 

  • Thyroid nodules: discuss hot or cold nodules and what an effective support plan looks like in either situation.

Class 2 | 7pm on Tuesday 28th September | Gut To Know: microbiome & digestion  

We will cover:

  • All about digestion; top to bottom!  

  • The importance of the microbiota; gut and oral 

  • The impact of glyphosate on microbiota and thyroid health

  • Intestinal permeability and the immune system

  • Constipation - how to improve while addressing root causes 

  •   Beating bloat, gas - foods to include and foods to avoid

Class 3 | 7pm on Tuesday 12th October | Adrenals, Stress & HPA Dysfunction

We will cover:

  • HPA dysfunction - the key driver to sabotaging thyroid health

  • The circadian clock and its importance for optimal thyroid health 

  • Impact of dysregulated blood sugar on HPA axis 

  • Dealing with perceived stress and inflammation

  • Specific essential oils, foods and supplements for tempering the stress response  

Class 4 | 7pm on Tuesday 26th October | The Detox Duo: Liver & Gallbladder

We will cover:

  • An overview of detoxification, liver , gall bladder & lymphatics 

  • Heavy metals, chemicals and endocrine disruptors that hamper thyroid function 

  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (now termed ‘new goitrogens’!:  How do you assess and identify these toxins in makeup, cookware, water and household chemicals

  • Smart product swaps to lower your body's "toxic burden"

  • What markers to look for on your standard blood chemistry test 

  • Specific foods and nutraceuticals that can be helpful 

Class 5 | 7pm on Tuesday 9th November | The The Hormonal Orchestra

We will cover:

  • Pregnancy, periods, fertility in relation to thyroid health

  • Thyroid- peri menopause and menopause - connecting the dots

  • Thyroid & your mood

  • Best testing assessments

Class 6 | 7pm on Tuesday 23rd November | Advanced Root Cause: individual triggers 

Advanced individual root causes can only be considered or addressed when all other root cause components are realigned 

  • Root causes - best testing for heavy metals & eliminating from your environment

  • Root causes - assessing chronic viral loads and infections

  • Root causes - "building sickness" - mould and mycotoxins 

You will have 6 or 12 month^^ access to webinars to revisit your favourite modules of the programme

^^ dependant on which plan is selected

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