Thyroid Thriving 12-Week Guided Programme FAQ’s

Why a group programme?

Great question! If you want to improve and optimize your health, you need to first understand your body, so there has to be a level of education/knowledge to move forward. Over the  years I have spent in clinical practice seeing 1-2-1 clients I began to fully appreciate that foundational work for every client is imperative to succeed. This takes time, and why I am only able to take on a limited number of 1-2-1  clients.  I’ve put together this programme to be able to educate and share this knowledge to more people, facilitating you to put these health foundations in place too. 

Also, importantly there is infinitely more power and inspiration to be achieved from working in a bespoke group of individuals that are going through a similar process

Can I just work with you 1:-2-1?

I am currently only taking on 10 new package clients between September- December 2021. This programme is the best way to get direct access to me, with the added bonus of all the education and a community group setting.  If you choose the “plus” programme  you’ll get 3 x 1-hour private consultations with me and I’m there teaching and supporting you through the entire 12 weeks. Plus, if you do go through this programme, you’ll be on my client list and eligible for my 1:1 follow up packages if you need further support. 

Is there a benefit to the programme  if I’ve already made diet changes and am on a raft of “thyroid supplements”  to try to improve my health? 

A resounding yes! If you are reading this you must still be looking for answers because you are not feeling your best self. Implementing all the components of Thyroid Thriving, with me as your educator and mentor is going to help you achieve far more than searching for answers from diet books, protocols and Dr Google. Remember, incremental targeted changes manifest into profound results. 

I’ve had my thyroid tested and it’s normal, can I still do the programme ?

Unfortunately,  most GP’s only look at TSH levels and T4 to gauge a “normal” Thyroid function . This is only two out of about 6 markers that truly tell us how your Thyroid is functioning.

Therefore your blood test may look “normal”, but that doesn’t mean that they’re optimal. It also doesn't mean you’re symptom-free either.

I am vegetarian /vegan, will the meal plans accommodate this?

The fundamental nutritional principles of The Thyroid Thriving programme  supports a predominantly  plant-based diet (about 80-90%) with small amounts of animal-based foods (about 10-20%) as optimal for the treatment - support of an underactive Thyroid.

Hence my Thyroid Thriving meal  and recipe plans are written to support these core principles. 

If you’re a strict vegan or vegetarian then the meal plans won’t be 100% suitable. But you can substitute the 20% of meat-based ingredients with your favourite plant-based proteins and still enjoy delicious daily meals!

Are any tests or supplements included in the programme?

No they are not.  

Supplements: throughout the programme I make reference to specific supplements either to facilitate a biological process or bridge a nutrient gap, which are available to purchase, but of course not compulsory

Testing: recommendations for a comprehensive metabolic  blood chemistry that includes a full thyroid panel, is explained. Thyroid Thriving Plus members also have the opportunity to have additional testing  such as hormone panels and functional testing  profiles run and interpreted.

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