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A Practitioner Masterclass to enhance your clinical skills and client outcomes.

Learn the art of identifying mechanisms, nutrigenomic vulnerabilities, environmental triggers and disruptors, & connections between body systems. With the skill of how to implement & integrate this knowledge into practical strategies & solutions for the optimal management & outcomes in your clients with thyroid autoimmunity & regulatory imbalances. 

This Masterclass for healthcare practitioners, curated by Tanya Borowski, Certified Functional Medicine practitioner accompanied by nutrigenomics expert, Emma Beswick shares functional medicine and nutrigenomic concepts of Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism & AITD (autoimmune thyroid diseases), presenting the mechanisms that may lead to reactivity or dysregulation within the thyroid gland and axis. Sharing clinical applications to include the  dietary management, nutritional supplementation, and environmental triggers associated with any part of thyroid dysregulation. 

Top 5 things you will gain from Thyroid Mastery programme: 

  1. Learn to think in a connected systems manner: providing you with a method and framework in how to prioritise and order symptoms, drivers and diagnostics;  allowing you to practice a truly personalised approach with your clients. 
  2. How to correctly analyse, interpret and identify patterns from gold standard assessment tools:  Nutrigenomics & Blood Chemistries 
  3. How to recognise the many causes/ triggers of thyroid dysregulation 
  4. Gain a comprehensive view of how thyroid dysfunction impacts other body systems and  life-stages (such as menopause and perimenopause) 
  5. How to develop clinically-proven and science-based treatment plans using diet, specific supplementation and lifestyle modification to address and successfully manage clients with thyroid disorders

What’s Included

  • 4 hours CPD accredited education plus 45 minutes of Q&A

  • Webinar classes are delivered live & recorded with interactive post class Q&A.

  • Significantly enhanced growth and revenue potential; having the confidence, skills and tools to take on and support more clients

Concepts & Topics

Conceptually learning  to think in a connected systems manner: we’ll share how to map an evolving case. Providing you with a method and framework in how to prioritise and order symptoms, drivers (underlying causes) and diagnostics/ testing that allows you to practice a truly personalised approach with your clients. 

Topics covered; that will be mapped into this framework are divided into two parts. 

Part 1 - Thyroid Nutrigenomics & Physiology

Unlike any other Thyroid CPD training, we teach you how to assess Thyroid regulation through the lens of your client's nutrigenomic set point as an imperative baseline. Only with this knowledge can we truly interpret a complete blood chemistry thyroid panel.
1.1 [Emma Beswick] [90 mins] Thyroid pathways & Genes - (H-P-T, and Transport & DIOs)

-Genes and SNP's involved in HPT axis; to include main substrates, cofactors & inhibitors
-Core HPT genes involved in autoimmunity

1.2 [Tanya Borowski] [30 mins] Thyroid Panel blood chemistry testing 'foundations'
-How to analyse, interpret and identify patterns of dysfunction on a complete blood chemistry  thyroid panel - TSH, T4, T3, rT3, T3 uptake 


Part 2 - Assessing the Terrain (triggers, disruptors and interventions)

In session two we dig deep into the “how”. With your deeper understanding of HPT axis disruptors we discuss how to test and best assess for the disruptors, and how to integrate this information into your clients evolving treatment plans. 

2.1 [Tanya Borowski] [120 mins] Thyroid Disruptors & Functional Solutions 

- Disruptors: Stress, Infections, Environmental Toxins, Sex Steroid Hormones, Nutrients (and anti-nutrients).

- Functional Solutions:  present on testing to include an extended biochemistry & broader functional testing panels  | Diet & targeted nutraceauticals to address disruptors

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The Thyroid  Mastery will deepen your knowledge and build your confidence in working with clients that have any form of thyroid dysregulation and Hashimoto’s. Learning the art of understanding connections between genetics, body systems and environmental factors, together with  how to implement this knowledge into practical solutions for your clients. You will improve your ability to interpret blood chemistries, and nutrigenomic panels; providing you with the roadmap to creating an evidence based personalised plan for your clients.   

My goal is to build your practice and enhance your clinical outcomes. 

Your Investment 

Cost: £99

Masterclass date: 

10th June 2022
Webinar Session 1:  10am-12
BREAK (30mins)
Webinar Session 2:  1pm-3pm

Remember the day is recorded if you cannot attend live. Interactive Q&A follows each session for a further 25mins 


^^ You will have 12 months access to webinars to revisit your favourite modules of the programme

Bookings will be capped to allow for optimal interaction in this masterclass group.

The mastery programme is designed to to get YOU referrals and feedback like this to successfully grow your practice! 

"I had been feeling a low lying level of unwell for around 6 months - my symptoms included headaches, nausea after eating, permanently blocked sinuses, unexplained anxiety, perioral dermatitis etc. I was always one night out away from body meltdown and an infection. These symptoms were much worse after certain meals, and my hangover after a relatively small amount of alcohol became beyond horrendous and so I decided to research a nutritionist. I came across Tanya and after reading about her areas of specialism/expertise - I was hopeful she would be able to help. And help she did! Working with Tanya has been transformational for me - I’ve found reasons for my constant state of feeling unwell, and uncovered genetic intolerances which had been impacting my health and immune system for years. To feel better I had to make some key changes to the way I live i.e. what I eat and drink, but understanding why these changes were needed and what would happen if I didn’t make them was greater motivation than the need to consume whatever I wanted. With Tanya’s help I chose to rethink my intake, not view it as a diet, but a way of life. There wasn’t an overnight fix however with Tanya’s extensive knowledge and expertise she created a personalised plan for me, and after just a couple of weeks I started to feel better. After 3 months I felt like a new woman. As well as her knowledge and experience, Tanya is a warm and engaging person which made working with her an absolute pleasure!" Helen, Sept 2020

Practitioner testimonial

"Tanya is such an experienced and knowledgeable functional medicine practitioner, and her warm and personable manner makes her a natural teacher. There are so many courses and webinars out there, but Tanya’s educational offerings stand out to me as being some of the most comprehensive, interesting and most importantly, practical. She arms you with information to become a better practitioner, which is something we all strive for”.  Catherine A, November 2020

Full detailed programme

Part 1 

1.1 [Emma Beswick] [90 mins] Thyroid pathways & Genes
Understanding the synthesis, the co-factors and genetic predispositions that play into the dysregulation of this axis to include:

  • HPT axis, thyroid hormone synthesis
  • Personal set points, & nutrient needs 
  • Thyroid hormone transport & why serum test results may not reflect cellular activity
  • Thyroid hormone activation, T4 to T3 and rT3, and metabolism
  • HPT genes involved in Autoimmune Thyroid Disease 
  • Nutrigenomics across the HPT axis & AITDs (autoimmune thyroid diseases)

1.2 [Tanya Borowski] [30 mins] Thyroid Panel blood chemistry testing 'foundations'
How to analyse, interpret and identify patterns of dysfunction on a complete blood chemistry  thyroid panel - TSH, T4, T3, rT3 T3 uptake 

Part 2 

2.1 [Tanya Borowski] [120 mins] Thyroid Disruptors

How to identify, prioritise and “treat” Thyroid hormone disruptors to include:

  • Environmental (chemical) & Infectious (viral, bacterial and dysbiotic) 
  • Food proteins & dysglycemia
  • The impact of sex hormones at differing life-stages in Hashimoto's 
  • Immune tolerance status 

Develop clinically-proven and evidence-based support plans using diet, specific supplementation and lifestyle modification to address and successfully manage clients with thyroid disorders

  • Nutritional, lifestyle and disruptor appropriate supplement interventions