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The Initial Investigative Consultation 


An Initial Investigative Consultation is the first step on your journey to better health. You'll have time with Tanya to explain in detail about your health history in turn, for Tanya to provide insights about your current health symptoms and what initial steps you need to take. 



The Initial Investigative Consultation ( 60 mins)

You will be asked to complete and return a range of intake forms encompassing a main health questionnaire, a medical symptom questionnaire & nutritional and lifestyle questionnaire prior to the Comprehensive Initial Consultation for  my preliminary assessment. 

In this consultation:

  • We discuss your medical history, your goals, symptoms, any prior lab testing, and nutrition status.

  • We engage in a conversation to find out more about you, your health, and family history to build your in-depth health profile.

  • I review any previous lab work and testing profiles

  • I will explain my initial thoughts & hypothesis as it relates to your case on which systems appear to need support

You will receive:

  • Tailored nutritional advice and a Functional Food Plan to help you begin to make changes.  
  • A detailed functional medicine based Roadmap Review* to include which systems appear to need support with additional education, handouts and reading material to help you understand your body

  • If appropriate, a prescription of specific high quality supplements with be written for you

Cost £395 (invoiced and due 6 weeks before appointment)

*The writing of this review, included in the fee, takes at least 1 hour of Tanya's professional time 

The Functional Health Roadmap review includes:

-a working hypothesis of systems that require attention and /or  further investigation
-tailored nutritional advice
-testing recommendations such as blood chemistries, nutrigenomics, microbiome analysis & hormone tests as they pertain to your case
-informational handouts
-recipe book resources relevant to your food plan (A5 hard copy provided for Affiliate packages)
-targeted nutritional supplement & herbal medicine prescription 

Nutritional supplements and testing  are both additional to the consultation cost. Click here for a full menu of Functional Laboratory Testing that I use in my clinic.

If, you then wish to continue the journey with me, working in a proactive way on your health you’ll be invited to work with me through an Affiliate Functional Health Package through a series of appointments. An Affiliate Package structure has been curated to provide you with all three components (education, expertise & support) that I feel are imperative to allow you to make the required changes on your health journey. Click here to read more...

*** I have reached capacity for new 1-2-1 clients . If you would like to be added to a waiting list for my 2024 intake, or be referred to one of my advanced practitioners that I mentor please complete the waitlist form ***