The Best of Health Podcast

As a functional nutritionist of 15 years and certified IFM practitioner, I am passionate about both health and education. Combining these two passions, through engaging conversations with many different guests I invite you on a journey that will illuminate the time of preventive healthcare is well and truly here. That you can, with the right information, change the course of your health path, ageing free of pain, inflammation and dis-ease.

Over each season of The Best of Health Podcast, I’m going to be covering topics broad and wide across all aspects that make up our health: from gut our microbiome, nutrigenomics, to chatting with food and supplement suppliers - it’s all on the table to discuss!

Each episode provides insightful conversations with a varied scope of health care professionals, clinicians, researchers, functional medicine practitioners and industry leaders   to open up the dialogue and inspire, you - the listener to consider that declining health as we age is not a given, that with the right information - many chronic Dis-eases are indeed preventable. I hope to engage and inspire you to achieve The BEST of health!

You can listen to each of the episodes below or via Spotify, Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or Anchor.FM


Episode 1 with guest Humphrey Bacchus from Invivo Healthcare

This was a wonderful episode to record as we discussed everything from the growth of a love of microbes, the relationship between our ecosystem and our health, the change in perception of the gut and our common love of microbiology, right through to the panels and products Invivo have created. But don’t worry - this isn’t a full-on science lesson, Humphrey has a wonderful way of relating microbes to normal everyday life.

Find out more about Invivo Healthcare here