Click here for a full menu of Functional Laboratory Testing I use in my clinic

The tests recommended are entirely dependant on the information gathered at your initial consultation and how the journey unfolds as we work together. I am not a fan of testing  for the sake of it, or treating a test result without the context of the case history. The combination of gathering subjective and where needed requesting objective data is the art of delivering functional medicine in a truly holistic and bespoke way. 

One test, that I use a lot in my practice is a Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Chemistry panel. It is the single most efficient and effective tool for evaluating your health, it screens for a wide range of conditions including several types of anemia, indications of gut, viral and bacterial infections, insulin resistance and hypoglycemia, liver and kidney issues, and thyroid( includes a complete analysis) and adrenal function. Having all these markers run collectively rather than disparately allows me to move forward with your case and identify underlying foundational mechanisms and thus tailor your plan accordingly in the most efficient and effective manner.

Here is a download of all the markers that are run in a comprehensive blood chemistry. I have negotiated a very competitive rate with a laboratory for my clients.