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When I first met Tanya I was feeling very unwell. I had low energy, very low mood, pain throughout my body, little appetite and was generally pretty hopeless. I joined Tanya's Thyroid Thriving Programme as I also had an underactive thyroid. The programme was really informative and I learned much more about optimising thyroid health than I did from reading articles online. I also completed one of the DNA reports which was really fascinating. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to delve deeper into their health and focus on specific supplements according to your genetic makeup. This information is invaluable and will be something I will refer back to. 6 months later and I am feeling so much better and stronger. I have my joie de vivre back and it feels fantastic! I would highly recommend Tanya. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in all areas of thyroid and auto-immune health, she is also a really good person and someone I looked forward to meeting with. Catherine

I had been feeling a low lying level of unwell for around 6 months - my symptoms included headaches, nausea after eating, permanently blocked sinuses, unexplained anxiety, perioral dermatitis etc. I was always one night out away from body meltdown and an infection. These symptoms were much worse after certain meals, and my hangover after a relatively small amount of alcohol became beyond horrendous and so I decided to research a nutritionist. I came across Tanya and after reading about her areas of specialism/expertise I was hopeful she would be able to help. And help she did! Working with Tanya has been transformational for me - I’ve found reasons for my constant state of feeling unwell, and uncovered genetic intolerances which had been impacting my health and immune system for years. To feel better I had to make some key changes to the way I live i.e. what I eat and drink, but understanding why these changes were needed and what would happen if I didn’t make them was greater motivation than the need to consume whatever I wanted. With Tanya’s help I chose to rethink my intake, not view it as a diet, but a way of life. There wasn’t an overnight fix however with Tanya’s extensive knowledge and expertise she created a personalised plan for me, and after just a couple of weeks I started to feel better. After 3 months I felt like a new woman. As well as her knowledge and experience, Tanya is a warm and engaging person which made working with her an absolute pleasure!  Helen

Working with Tanya has been pivotal to improving my health. Throughout the process I’ve felt listened to, understood and supported. Thank you Tanya. Anna -  East Sussex ( Affiliate Treatment package 2021)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your wisdom in both this course and within the Health Hub. I am a post-menopausal woman am fighting family health hereditaries and trying to correct bad lifestyle choices made earlier in life. Thanks to you I am beginning to see progress and taking the Lifecode GX test was probably the most significant thing I have done in understanding my health and needs. I am planning on implementing all the changes I am capable of from my own understanding and then when I have achieved all I can I hope that you will work with me to optimise it further. Sam

If you are considering a session / treatment package with Tanya I urge you to go for it!  My only regret is that it took me eight months to book a consultation.  I had been suffering with chronic fatigue and severe mouth ulcers for 12 years.  My symptoms were debilitating and meant a complete change in lifestyle and work. After seeing several specialists I found that steroids helped to manage my symptoms and taking a dose every month meant that I could at least begin to work again.  However I would still suffer relapses that would be 3 weeks where I couldn't get out out bed every few months and my life was very much about survival and managing symptoms rather than living a full life. I went to see Tanya in late August 2019. Within a few months of following the diet and supplement plan I noticed an improvement in my health.  By the new year I was strong enough to start to get back to the gym and exercise much more regularly than I had been able to in years without my symptoms returning. Now a year on I still take a low dose of some of the supplements originally prescribed but I have only had to take steroids once in 15 months (whereas I was taking them every month) I also have more energy and am far stronger.  Meeting Tanya and following her treatment plan has completely changed my life and brought me back to health.  On top of being an excellent practitioner Tanya and her team are kind, empathetic and supportive and I will be eternally grateful to her. Emma

I’m a first year student at ION and just wanted to thank you for your brilliant lectures on thyroid and sex hormones.. The content was absolutely fantastic and I really appreciate the detail that you put in and felt that you’d generously shared so much of your experience and knowledge. I’m also a 50 year old peri-menopausal adenomyosis sufferer so your advice has been valuable on a personal note. Thanks for being such an inspiration and I hope the empty classroom hasn’t put you off from returning to lecture us again. ION student

Following a traumatic episode where I was admitted to hospital with sudden and severe stomach pain,  having had every test available over the course of seven days and ultimately never receiving a diagnosis or ever getting the opportunity to speak with a Gastroenterologist I was left very dissatisfied, confused and anxious of a reoccurrance and cause of this episode. I decided to take a chance and make contact with Tanya to seek help for a few issues I had with my health, niggling suspicions I had things were not right with my health.

What I found was tailored guidance and knowledge of the issues that had been a source of confusion and worry. Symptoms I was so used to I didn't realise they were symptoms. I was guided through and taught the way my digestive system works and what events  in my history may have led to its unhappy state. I was shown the best way to restore my gut health and continue a healthy meal plan.. not a diet but a healthy way to eat from here on out. A way to give my microbiome what it needed to support my body's immune system and other major systems. Thank you Tanya for giving me the tools to understand what was unbalanced in my system and what my body needed to repair and restore itself. Tools I can build on and develop as I continue my journey to optimal health. The whole team have been approachable, informative and friendly. No question was ever too silly to ask and I felt there was a personal interest in me and my story which was so refreshing. I decided to join Tanya's health hub as a follow on from my experience and feel confident the interest already sparked in me will continue to grow as I keep involved in the gut health community and much more. Yours gratefully, Esther 

Since the month of February I had started feeling strange pains in my diaphragm. I found it very difficult to swallow and felt that the food was somewhat 'stuck' in the food pipe. I couldn't sleep at night and even resorted to buying an incline pillow to ease my discomfort. I always felt that I had a lump in my throat as well. As is the norm for some people like me, I immediately googled my symptoms and came up with acid reflux. However I decided to seek advice from my GP and booked an appointment to see her.

My GP wasn't happy with the description of my symptoms and decided that I required an endoscopy, she appeared to be worried and said that she wanted to rule out anything 'nasty'. The endoscopy revealed that I had a small patch of inflammation on my esophagus. The diagnosis was Esophagitis. I was prescribed Omeprazole for 8 weeks. To be very honest, the medication did little to relieve my symptoms and I still suffered from huge discomfort each time I ate. I didn't relish the idea of being on PPI's as they have side effects that are not really pleasant.
I contacted Tanya via her PA Susie who promptly answered queries and booked an appointment for me. Getting an appointment with Dr T, as I fondly call her, is not easy. She is very much in demand hence you have to patiently wait for a few weeks. Susie also emailed various forms that I had to fill in order to get an idea about any health issues, symptoms etc that I had. These are very comprehensive forms which provides a detailed history.
After a detailed consultation Tanya came to the conclusion that I was suffering from a condition related to excess histamine release which she believed to be causing many of the symptoms such as acid reflux, discomfort in my diaphgram etc. She prescribed some supplements and also a specific diet that I had to follow. It was not a restrictive diet, rather what I could eat, avoid, eliminate - she also sent me a recipe book.
Dt T followed up my progress with follow up appointments and suggestions. Last week was my final appointment where I was required to feedback any issues, problems or progress I had made. I am SO happy to say that I am now 85% better and no longer have the awful issues that were playing havoc. I no longer regurgitate my food, no longer have issues with swallowing food and the doctor has been kind enough to let me indulge in some of my favourite foods. As far as the remaining 15% is concerned, I am still following her diet and know that I will feel a hundred percent better. Dr T is kind, non judgmental and a great listener as well as being supportive! I am just so grateful to her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is suffering from symptoms, is taking medications but has not experience any relief. Often we feel better but in the process forget to thank the person who made the biggest difference in bringing our health back to being optimum. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr T for making that difference, you are Ace. MA

After seeing a number of GPs who were unable to diagnose my health issues, I sought out Tanya for her extensive knowledge and experience in helping people with gut issues, which from my own research is what I suspected to be my problem. I chose Tanya's Foundational Treatment Package and after the first session, Tanya was confident she knew what was causing my symptoms and arranged for me to have a number of tests. The test results finally revealed that I have SIBO, among other things, and this explained a lot of the problems I'd been having. Since commencing the food and supplement plan provided by Tanya, I have made a lot of progress and am starting to feel better than I have in a long time. Having the additional zoom calls with Tanya, who is so caring and compassionate, and the ability to send an extra email here and there for support has been a vital part of my healing process. Dealing with SIBO, leaky gut and histamine intolerance is challenging so having Tanya's support and advice beyond the initial consultation has been invaluable. The Foundational Treatment Package is well worth the investment. Naomi

I can safely say that Tanya has transformed my life. Going to see her was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was in so much discomfort that my quality of life was severely hampered. Within a couple of days the improvements were showing through in such a dramatic way as to seem to me almost unbelievable! Not only has my health improved massively, but through Tanya I have learnt to better understand my body - and my mind - and to see how everything is intrinsically interconnected: what we eat, how we live, what surrounds us, what's inside us. If you are seriously committed to change, this is an amazing way to go. I'm so profoundly grateful for such a change to my wellbeing and knowledge that I cannot praise Tanya and her work enough. Thanks for the insights, the kindness, the always being there to help - and that goes for you too Susie! Coming to see you both in your beautiful premises is a pleasure, and I always leave with a smile on my face. Anon

Thank you all for such a wonderful day yesterday. Apart from always loving spending time in the amazing energy bubble that you create (and in the gorgeous setting of Hawthbush Farm), it was such an intellectually stimulating and educational day. Being the gut/microbiome nerd that I am, the topic was heaven for me, and Tanya you are so gifted at lecturing and communicating all the information, including the cutting edge, deeply relevant new research. I am in awe of your knowledge and would like to be you when I grow up! Anon

As a really busy working mum, it’s not always possible to fit a bit of self care in. Your day retreat is a perfect concept for me. I was able to put my life on hold and soak up some scientifically based and fundamental facts about the pillars of health, in a naturally beautiful rural setting in East Sussex (and be back in time to pick up my responsibilities!) You managed to pack in and pass on a lot of information with grace and care. I feel like you have put me back on a track that I fell off some time ago, yet I feel like the information you have given me is new and I can use it. Practical, informed, beautifully delivered and I went away with a full gift bag! The lunch was glorious, the afternoon filled with practical ways to boost eating for life. I look forward to the next one. Anon

Cholesterol check one month after I started my new plan with you was 6.8 (from 9).  Had it re-checked Monday this week 5.7!!!!  OMG how happy am I!!!! Oh I’m truly bouncing Tanya!!!  You are the best person in the world ever! Anon

I've struggled with hormone imbalance issues and other health complaints for years! In retrospect I've  always been on a fight or flight response and  estrogen dominant I would  say. I'm aware that being a woman sure has its complexities without a shadow of a doubt but what  I was experiencing  was almost debilitating and I owed it to myself to find out what was going on. Having  seen many  private Doctors, Naturopaths, Endocrinologists, Functional Medicine Doctors and spending  lots of money on them plus HRT and supplements: neither of the aforementioned were able to identify the root causes of my issues. I was always told "You're a complicated  case!" I was perusing the net to find a nutritionist/naturopath and stumbled across Tanya Borowski's webpage.  This was the beginning of many beautiful things to happen and the beginning of my journey in healing!  Since  my first visit with Tanya in January, when I was literally broken, there has been a dramatic and major transformation mentally and physically! With the right tests ordered (never suggested previously by the above) as hormones were always tested via blood work, Tanya was able to form a complete picture of what was going on with me. With her sound knowledge, expertise and proficiency Tanya  was able to prescribe a diet and supplement plan to follow which I've successfully been doing.  I would  add that I'm 70% well with some further room for improvement which  I  know Tanya will ensure takes place. Tanya,  I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a new lease of life! I'm  loving  the new me! Your empathy and support has been second to none! I'll always remember you for getting me well! Finally, with such admiration and inspiration I've  now started a 3 year Nutrition course with CNM as I equally want to help others find the root cause of people's illnesses and diseases.  The WHY of Medicine!  Saverina -  London

Dear Tanya, you helped me about 18 months ago when I started suffering from hives.  You diagnosed me with SIBO and resolved 10 years of “IBS”, year-long hay fever and of course my hives. You changed my life and am a real believer in your form of treatment. Rosie - London

Thank you so much for all of your help over these last few months. My health has improved tenfold and I feel a thousand times better!

Where to begin? Perhaps I should start by saying that having followed Tanya’s dietary and nutritional advice for a mere 63 days, so far, I have dropped three clothe sizes and feel better than I have in years! I am 74 and still have a way to go before I can throw off the charming label of ‘morbidly obese’, with which successive GPs have saddled me, whilst offering absolutely no solution to the massive weight gain, or why I felt so ill. From the outset, Tanya believed in me and immediately knew how to help me. I know that, with her wonderful knowledge and support, my body is finally regaining its balance. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter and I have every intention of marching towards my 80’s in better shape than I have probably ever been.

My energy levels have increased dramatically and many of the worrying symptoms I had are no longer an issue. I'm losing weight slowly but steadily which is great and have recently started training to complete a half marathon next March. I ran my first 5k two weeks ago and this was just impossible for me to believe possible this time last year! Your advice, support and professional care is the reason that I've managed to get to this stage and I can't thank you enough. Helen

Tanya and I have been on an immensely rewarding journey together. I first saw Tanya because I wanted to lose weight before my wedding (I lost 22kg!). Her extensive scientific knowledge and compassion for my issues around food helped us to craft a program together which was meaningful, exciting and maintainable. It wasn't a diet, it was an understanding of how to eat for health and balance and it inspired me to change the way I feel about my body. During our work together we identified other factors which for years had affected my mental and physical well-being. Following some screening Tanya came up with a new program which has transformed my energy levels, supported my immune system and dealt with my depression. It's been better than therapy! H

I arrived at Tanya's practice depressed, lethargic, constantly bloated and tearful. Years of emotional trauma had manifested as constant gut issues and other health problems that made me feel both physically and mentally broken for longer than I can remember. It sounds cliched but I wanted 2017 to be a new start and in order to achieve that I had to seek help. My family were already clients of Tanya's so I felt reassured that I'd be in good hands. Tanya is warm, approachable and vastly knowledgeable; somehow managing to put you at ease whether she's explaining the complexities of the gut or what to eat for breakfast. Her approach is firmly grounded in the principles of functional medicine (which she helpfully explains in layperson's terms) and addresses each person as an individual, holistic entity rather than simply a set of generic symptoms. Fast forward just 6 months and I'm feeling happy, healthy, lean and energetic. I attribute this recovery in part to my own self discipline and motivation, but mainly to Tanya who has helped guide and support me on my path to healing with dietary protocols, advice and supplementation. Through Tanya I've found a formula that works for me and I will be sticking to it for life. I've also learnt that wellness is a choice and at times it takes effort and dedication- but I can't think of anything more worthy of the investment. I'm delighted that people like Tanya are there to call upon in times of need and sincerely thank her for everything she has done for me. R

To give you some background, I’m 35, 5ft 8, live a pretty healthy lifestyle and have always been fit and active … and thankfully naturally slim. Then about 5 years ago something changed! My body started doing things it never used to. I developed adult acne, I was permanently bloated and lethargic (tired having only just woken up) and my weight started to creep up. People including myself put it down to the curse of turning 30 ... "you just don’t metabolise the way you did when you were younger" The symptoms along with the frustration were making me feel depressed and I was truly stuck in my own rut. It didn’t matter what I ate, if I exercised or not my weight hovered about 1.5-2 stone above "my normal". I decided to take action and thankfully found Tanya! After just 1 hour (the original consultation) I had a potential explanation, a direction and a plan … maybe it wasn’t just something I had no control over. I went for some tests and not surprisingly the results were exactly as Tanya had predicted. I was already following the dietary plan; all I had to do was stick to it. This wasn’t hard as the food changes were not drastic; I didn’t end up on an unaffordable diet of kale, hungry all the time. It’s been about 5 years since I weighed myself and saw a 9 at the beginning but in just 3 months since that first consultation I've lost over a stone and basically done it by diet alone as exercise has been sparse due to illness/ injury/ Christmas. I’ve learnt so many things along this short journey but the most poignant for me is "just because food is deemed healthy doesn’t mean it will be healthy for you".Tanya is without question an expert in her field; knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated, warm and kind... but to me, very simply put she is a legend and I can’t thank or recommend her enough. Nicola

Tanya is one of a kind. I have seen a lot of doctors and nutritionists in my time, and never have I had such an immediate turn around and healing of my body after just one appointment. She is so thorough in all that she does, and strives to understand the depth and complexity of each case. She is a leader in the field and I can’t recommend her enough. Her knowledge is extraordinary. On top of her professional gift, she is also a genuinely lovely and caring person. I immediately felt comfortable around her and knew that she was going to do her absolute best to get me well - which she did! You walk away after one appointment with a game plan, a huge pack of incredible resources from gut healing recipes, to info about your specific condition, and a wealth of knowledge about the body and it’s functions. Tanya is a blessing and it’s the best investment you can make for you long term health and well-being. Sophie

Following a clinical diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune condition I engaged the services of Tanya in an attempt to investigate alternative options to a lifetime of medication designed to suppress symptoms which filled me with horror at the thought that this may be what my future looked like. Her guidance, support and patience have been educational and inspiring even at times when I was in a state of despair that the weight loss which was a key deliverable was so slow despite that my general health was clearly improving each week that I followed the plan that she had developed and tailored to meet my individual needs.

Tanya supported me through the highs and lows continuing to investigate and recommend alternative options when we hit 'roadblocks' which made me feel that we were on the journey together. After a few short months of working with Tanya I have been discharged from the care of my consultant as the improvements in my general health and well being in the key markers for the autoimmune condition have exceeded what was expected. Tanya is clearly a very knowledgeable and dedicated professional who is committed to supporting individuals like myself who believe there are alternatives to a lifetime of medication to treat chronic conditions. The NHS should be much more open and embracing of this approach as I am sure patients and stakeholders would benefit if adopted as a general practice.

I would just like to let you know that I have now lost 40kg! It has taken just over 6 months using the nutritional diet you provided. I dropped 8 trouser sizes during this period and very pleased how well I feel. I intend to continue with the diet as I really enjoy the food types. It is completely different to my previous food intake. Thank you so much for all your support over the months. I am still losing weight and my wife says I am new man. Richard

Thank you so, so much again for all your help and guidance, I am stunned by your knowledge level and it definitely inspires me to crack on with my functional medicine training some day! Dr. AF MBBS, BMedSci (Hons), DHP, MDCH, DipSIM

I've been meaning to write to you for some time to say thank you so much for helping my Dad with his diet and your nutritional support. He's doing really well and his appointment with you was such a positive experience for him. It's amazing the NHS didn't offer any advice although the physical rehab has been great for him and that along with the information he took home from you has made an incredible difference. Louise

Over the years I have been to countless therapists with my migraines, fatigue and IBS - all to no avail. Then, at last, I was fortunate enough to find Tanya who was able to rapidly diagnose the root cause of my problem. Her knowledge is absolutely vast and only matched by the enormous passion she has for her subject and for helping people. In Tanya's expert hands, my health has been completely turned around, and I have learnt so much along the way. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Rosie

With long working days and little time to think about what I was eating, food had to be quick and easy. Since my first consultation with Tanya my diet has totally changed. Now I know what to buy, where to buy it and how to create delicious nutritious food in an instant. Claire

After being diagnosed with high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes I was put on “Statins”. Unfortunately I encountered very bad side effects when I took them so I started looking around for alternative options to treat my conditions. Luckily for me just over a year ago I came across Tanya Borowski at Nutritional Values. After a full consultation Tanya advised me of a whole new nutrition and exercise programme. The programme was not one of your normal dieting and suffering or drinking powder for lunch. As long as I made sure I stuck to the nutrition programme Tanya set for me I was able to eat more or less anything. I also continued to see Tanya on a regular basis to check my progress and tweak my programme as I made advances.. Today I have had my latest 6 monthly check up with my doctor and he has been impressed with my progress. I know that I could not have done this without Tanya’s guidance and support. I would recommend this drug free approach – and Tanya’s individualised programmes - to anyone. Janet

Tanya is an exceptional nutritional therapist. After I had my second child I was suffering from a number of health issues including chronic fatigue and hormone imbalances. I was tired of other therapists' and indeed specialists' constant guess work in diagnosing the root cause and treatment. I was at my wits end and even traveled to America to see renowned "health gurus" with limited success. When I came to see Tanya I instantly felt I was in very capable hands. Her knowledge is vast and she is always one step ahead, keeping up to date with current health and treatment developments. She quickly diagnosed and has begun to successfully treat a chronic bacterial infection and co infections as the root cause of my long term illness as well as supporting and rebuilding my immune system. Her practical and test based approach combined with her deep intuition is very powerful. I immediately began to feel better after a few days of being on her treatment protocol. I can now look forward to full recovery and living my life to the full again. It seems that the most genuine and most gifted therapist was on my doorstep all along! Lisa O'Connor

I have found Tanya to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and functions of the body. She has really helped me to feel well again. I really trust her advice,my life has been turned around since meeting tanya, and i would highly recommend her. Donna Tether

I came to see Tanya with a few dietary and hormonal issues that I was unsure how to work through. After seeing the doctor numerous times and not getting anywhere, Tanya was a refreshing change, easy to talk to, with ideas about what was going on that seemed to make lots of sense. In particularly regarding diet and how it all links in to everything else going on in the body. I made a few dietary adjustments and started on some supplements, I felt healthier and had more energy after quite a short time and after about six weeks my period returned after about a year without. I would fully recommend seeing Tanya. Hannah

Tanya has performed a complete miracle! I first took Ben to see her a couple of months ago because he had had digestive issues since his premature birth. He clearly had problems digesting and assimilating foods and as a result he has always been small and was very lethargic. I had seen several experts during his short life, including another nutritionist, but none had resolved his issues. Tanya was different from this outset, with her clear dedication to getting to the bottom of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. Using a range of diagnostic tests, which were invaluable, Tanya was able to accurately pinpoint the problem and provide us a tailored plan to address it. What seemed daunting at first was made achievable by her realistic and practical advice. She was always available to discuss any concerns I had and was full of great suggestions to help implement the plan. Just two months on and Ben is a child transformed. Previously tired and irritable, he is full of vitality and bursting with life. The other major transformation for which I was not prepared is how sunny and easy going he now is. It is a joy to see him so lively and happy. This has been an enormous gift for us all. Thank you so much. Ben, aged 4 ½ - (Mother)