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SIBO Clinical Rounds Workshop

For healthcare professionals with previous SIBO experience who are looking for insights into difficult & tough cases - the SIBO Clinical Rounds workshop will equip you to best help your clients manage their SIBO & IBS. Purposely limited to just 25 delegates this bespoke workshop format builds on the previous SIBO Masterclass training sessions to take a deep dive into the really tough cases commonly encountered in clinic.
You will learn the most common mistakes made in approaching SIBO, both in treatment and management, and how to come up with a plan to avoid them.
The day will be equally divided into advanced presentations and interactive discussions on tough cases, which will not be rushed in anyway. Delegates are invited to submit case studies and a selection of case studies will be chosen to cover in the day session.  Tanya and Tracey will share their thoughts on the case and provide recommendations based on their own clinical experience.
There is a wealth of SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) information and misinformation available online and through multiple social media ‘summits’. Most are delivered by non-UK practitioners using products, programmes and dietary approaches which differ from those available to practitioners in the UK.
This is a unique opportunity to learn from two experienced and GI-focused Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners Tanya Borowski and Tracey Randell. They will share their clinical experience and critical thinking approach to SIBO.

Presentations will cover:

1. Hydrogen and Methane breath testing


  • To evaluate and interpret your breath test results so you get information you can use right away
  • To understand if It’s Methane? Hydrogen? Both? or HS2   
  • Hydrogen Sulphide impacts current test results


  • Does peak vs. rise mean in a SIBO Breath test result?
  • If a breath test result looks like a flat line?
  • You can do to help prevent a false positive or false negative result


  • Of breath test results, with all of the labs used by UK practitioners and  observe Tanya and Tracey analyse the results.

2. SIBO and how it relates to mast cell disorders:

  • What mast cells are and what responses they create within the immune system

  • The physiological relationship of stressors to the development of MCAS and other conditions in the body

  • Histamine and it's diverse roles in the body

  • Intolerance symptoms & how intolerance can develop

  • Diamine Oxidase (DAO) and SIBO related histamine dysregulation  

  • How to triage supplements for highly digestively sensitive patients 

3. SIBO / LIBO / H2S - which is it:

Learn about the low-sulphur diet, sulphur reducing bacteria and why this under-the-radar approach might be the missing link in many cases.

Case Studies

After lunch we will have a full two and a half hours to openly discuss and critique case studies, both ours and importantly yours. We will share our joint clinical insight - successes, pitfalls and also hasn't worked!  

We listened to your feedback and have purposefully capped this workshop to only 25 delegates to provide a unique classroom environment of discussion and interaction, rather than the standard seminar approach of a presenter showcasing a single successful case to 40-50 delegates. 

Once booked, you'll receive an e-mail explaining how to submit your case studies.

We will provide you with:

  • A UK-based SIBO dispensary guide including antihistamine supplements written by us ready for immediate use in clinical practice

  • A beautifully presented guide to the Food Plans we use for addressing SIBO, LIBO, Hydrogen Sulphide & Histamine

About your Trainers

Tanya Borowski

Tracey Randell
We are professionals with a real passion in functional gut disorders and all things SIBO. Both of us run busy clinical practices seeing 1:1 clients as well as being involved in teaching at the leading nutrition colleges in the UK.
We have attended annual SIBO symposiums in the USA since 2015 together with multiple undergraduate and postgraduate training in functional digestive conditions, hypothyroidism and autoimmunity.
Our overall objective is to increase your confidence in the assessment and treatment of SIBO and invite you to attend!


K+K Hotel George Kensington, 1-15 Templeton Place, London SW5 9NB
Nearest undergrounds: A short walk from the Earls Court tube station


Wednesday 26th June 09.30am - 4.30pm
Refreshments provided throughout the day
A 70 min lunch break will be provided for you to explore cafes in the area or bring lunch with you


£95 EARLY BIRD (ends 31st May)

Previous Event Feedback

"Event was excellent, really good value for £"
"It was pretty perfect, super inspiring and practical. I loved both of your presenting styles which were completely engaging."
"I loved so much about it. We were given so much information both during the talk and to take away. The number of attendees was perfect as everyone felt comfortable to ask questions if needs be. Thank you. We loved it!!"
"I loved the way that you both shared experiences of working with cases which brought the information to life. Also the generosity in the information and diet plans you shared. It really felt like you had gone out there, done all the work and gathered information from all the best research and experience and then shared it all. Really couldn't have hoped for more."