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Functional Day Retreat - "What's Your Gut Feeling"

Wednesday 9th October 2019, 10am - 16.15pm   |   Hawthbush Farm

***Improve the Health of your Gut and Microbiome & Reduce Dis-ease***

Do you suffer from bloating, food sensitivities, GERD, reflux, constipation or a diagnosis of IBS or Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis?   Do you want to learn more about digestive issues and the Gut-Brain-Immune connection? 

Did you know that improving the health of your gut and microbiome can also support: weight loss, improved mood, skin health, better blood sugar and cholesterol levels, enhanced energy and sleep, balanced hormones and reduced inflammation and joint pain? Gut bacteria can also influence your mood, evidence connects the gut microbiome anxiety, low mood and depression.

If any of these resonate, then this retreat, focusing on all things ‘gut' is for you!

Tanya x

In a Functional Medicine approach to health care there are four fundamental "pillars of health"  that all need to be in balance to achieve optimal wellness. The pillars are:

  1. The Gut & microbiome 
  2. The Hormones: thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones  
  3. The Immune System autoimmunity, inflammation & pain 
  4. The CardioMetabolic System: insulin resistance, dyslipidemia & endothelium health

Over the course of the year I will run a Functional Day Retreat focusing on each pillar of health to help you achieve optimal wellness. I have put together these day retreats to make this information accessible to more folk than those just working with me on a 1:1 basis on my consultation packages. You can choose to do all four or just a couple, and in any order.


In this upcoming final retreat of 2019, I will present all the knowledge I’ve gained over the years together with the most current research and my learning to cover the key functional roles of the entire gastrointestinal system: digestion and absorption, immune balance, protection, elimination and the relationship between our DNA and our microbiome. You’ll learn how impairments in any of these areas may lead to dysfunction and how to optimise your overall health.

I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge with you.

In health, Tanya x


Hosted by Tanya Borowski, co-author of the Clever Guts Diet with Dr Michael Mosley and one of only 24 fully Certified IFM Practitioners in the UK to hold an Institute for Functional Medicine certification. Tanya is a global speaker at conferences on SIBO and functional gastrointestinal health and is at the forefront of new research in this area.

Tanya talking to retreat attendeesOver the course of the day, Tanya will present her in-depth knowledge and up to date research to cover the key functional roles of the gut-immune and gut-brain. You’ll learn how lifestyle & environmental factors can disrupt this delicate system and lead to symptoms and dis-ease. You will learn how to work on these factors, be given many tools through combining nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental advice to better optimise your overall health

This dynamic and innovative Day Retreat is set at Hawthbush Farm, in beautiful East Sussex. Masterclasses and Practical workshops will take place in a stunningly converted barn overlooking the wildflower meadow, with the Sussex Downs as a backdrop.  You’ll also enjoy a delicious divestive friendly and microbiome boosting lunch, curated by Wild Alchemy Foods.

This event has been created by Tanya to be able to deliver her knowledge and clinical insights within a small group setting for participants to get the most out of the day, as such has been limited to 25 attendees.

Your Day Retreat Includes:

  • "What’s Your Gut Feeling" Masterclass by Tanya Borowski. So much research in the last decade has focused on the gut microbiome, the gut-brain axis, and gut health in general. We now know that any disruption in these pathways can lead to chronic gastrointestinal complaints such as bloating, GERD, reflux and more, depression, brain fog, chronic autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. Tanya’s masterclass is packed with this illuminating research and dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle factors that can positively influence the gut whole-body relationship.
  • ‘Gut-Brain” Workshop by Emma Massingham.
  • A delicious gut microbiome boosting lunch by Wild Alchemy Foods.
  • "The wonderous Microbiome" seminar & workshop by Tanya Borowski. Recent studies have suggested that the intestinal microbiome plays an important role in modulating risk of several chronic diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. At the same time, it is now understood that diet plays a significant role in shaping the microbiome - Tanya discusses popular diet models and nutraceuticals and what she believes is the optimal approach. This session is packed full of useable and practical information!
  • Making your own “Ferment” cooking demo by Wild Alchemy
  • Q&A sessions following each masterclass, workshop & seminar
  • A Private consultation table hosted by Tanya for you to have 10 minutes 1:1 time if needed following the masterclass & workshop.

  • Your takeaway new Digestive 'Reset' tool kit written by Tanya (includes Recipe Book and Food Plan)
  • Transfers to and from Lewes train station (at selected times)
  • A tote bag full of health and wellbeing goodies from Tanya’s Health and Wellbeing Store



You’ll learn the many important roles the microbiome plays in keeping you healthy, and will meet the good, the bad, and the ugly members of your gut ecosystem.  

Tanya will present and discuss in this bespoke group setting all her knowledge and up to date research around functional gastrointestinal conditions and the microbiome.

Masterclass ‘Key Functional Roles of the Digestive System’ includes digestion and absorption, intestinal permeability and immune system and how we can modulate it.

As well as understanding the foundations underlying the relationship between our DNA and our microbiome, you will also learn how to optimise your health through nutrition, lifestyle and mindful practices. 

By taking a look at the exciting future of medicine and how we can combine ancient wisdom with modern technology to reach our highest potential.


The Microbiome Workshop - a practical and seminar-based session, we will explore how to restore, or suppress, various phyla and species within your microbiome to create a healthier ecosystem using dietary interventions, probiotics, and prebiotics.

If you’ve chosen to run a microbiome profile (see optional testing below) then references to all results will be made in this session to help you target information to your results.

A presentation interchanged with food demonstrations will provide you with a plethora of practical tools to use at home.

Our Pop up store with:

High-grade herbs and supplements

Organic skincare free of any nasty hormone disruptors


Restoring the digestive system and getting it to function properly is often effective in addressing: weight loss, diabetes, arthritis, energy levels. clarity of mind, sleep issues, appetite control, backache, gastric disorders and skin and hair quality.

Gut cleansing drinks, snacks and lunch by Wild Alchemy Foods

Mindfulness talk and meditation followed by space for walking and enjoying the grounds. Listen to the birdsong. You’re invited to breathe, relax and enjoy this lovely historic house. Stretch in the gardens. 

Tote bag full of health and wellbeing goodies from Tanya’s Health and Wellbeing Store 

New and updated Digestive Reset Package (tool kit includes recipe book and food plan)

Venue & Timings

Hawthbush Farm
Gun Hill
East Sussex
TN21 0JY 
Hawthbush Farm is a 140-acre organic farm in the heart of East Sussex. The buildings have been beautifully converted and whitewashed in organic clay paints with stripped floorboards and large French doors, immersing you in the Sussex countryside. Hawthbush has it's very own spring water source, drawn from 100ft below the organic land, to provide water for everything on the farm. We will be running transfers to and from Lewes station, a 20-minute drive. 
Timings: 9th October 10am - 16.15pm

Book now

Extended Early Bird £195

Full Price £225

Please book online or call 01273 479011 with any queries.

Due to the bespoke nature of this retreat, taking only 25 persons, we expect the slots to be reserved quickly so would recommend that you book now to avoid disappointment.


Optional Extras


If you would like to book a night or two and extend your retreat we recommend Pelham House Hotel in Lewes, a beautiful 16th century town house hotel Click here for more reasons to visit Lewes and the surrounding area!