Residential Retreats

Following the success of my one-day retreats, I have extended my offerings to include 3-day and 7-day residential's. The focus of my residential retreats is applying a truly functional and whole body approach to being well! There are four core elements to my residential retreats: Nutrition + Mind + Body + Functional Medicine which collectively provide a powerful formula to help you achieve transformational levels of health, energy and wellbeing. 

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The Art of a Woman's Wellbeing Retreat

The Art of a Woman's Wellbeing Retreat

The Art of a Woman's Wellbeing at 40+ Retreat is lovingly curated to help women feel empowered and excited about their hormonal health. This unique retreat is an invitation to women of any age, to redefine your relationship with your cycles, hormones, peri & menopausal health, weight, mood and more….

Over 7 days, I’ll discuss and unpack topics such as HRT, herbal supplements, gut and the microbiome, vaginal health & UTI's, body shape changes, diet myths & truths together with sharing a plethora of lifestyle interventions. There will be plenty of “me” time to enjoy a holistic massage, eat beautiful nourishing food,  sunbathe, swim in the landscaped pool with acres of wildness as your view and join a yoga or fitness class.  

23rd - 30th September 2023 • Wild View Retreat, in the foothills of the Algarve in Portugal.