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On-line Functional Health Programmes 

5-week Digestive & Optimal Wellness programme: Gut to Know - Autumn 2020

5 week Thyroid & Hashimoto's programme -  more details coming soon for Autumn 2020

My virtual group programs are based on recommendations & research I’ve used for years in my clinic to help clients prevent and reverse chronic health issues. Each program is a complete blueprint for taking back your health, using scientifically-proven information, explained in a way that is easy to understand.

They are packed with helpful tools – such as symptom trackers, meal plans, shopping lists, live demos from my kitchen, guest speakers and SO much more – designed to arm you with everything you need to navigate your journey to wellness.

All sessions are recorded, so if you cannot attend live, you can re watch at a later time. Click on the icon below to view the full programmes.


Root Cause Hashimoto's programme 

This program will provide you with all of the tools to manage and treat thyroid health issues at home. More details coming soon