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Exclusive practitioner Masterclass events for healthcare professionals to equip you to best help your clients.

SIBO in Clinical Practice Masterclass: Wednesday 27th March,  Manchester
For healthcare professionals - our most up to date Masterclass will equip you to best help your clients manage their SIBO & IBS.
There is a wealth of SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) information and misinformation available online and through multiple social media ‘summits’. Most are delivered by non-UK practitioners using products, programmes and dietary approaches which differ from those available to practitioners in the UK.
This is a unique opportunity to learn from two experienced and GI-focused Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners Tanya Borowski and Tracey Randell. They will share their clinical experience and critical thinking approach to SIBO. Find out more...

Hashimoto's and Autoimmunity: Causes & Solutions Masterclass: Saturday 27th April, London
For healthcare professionals - designed to help practitioners master the functional concepts of immune regulation in autoimmune conditions. With a specific focus on the thyroid, our masterclass will redefine how practitioners assess, address and manage thyroid health with functional clinical applications.
Find out more...