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On-line Functional Health Programmes 

My virtual group programmes are based on recommendations & research I’ve used for years in my clinic to help clients prevent and reverse chronic health issues. Each programme is a complete blueprint for taking back your health, using scientifically-proven information, explained in a way that is easy to understand.

They are packed with helpful tools – such as symptom trackers, meal plans, shopping lists, live demos from my kitchen, guest speakers and SO much more – designed to arm you with everything you need to navigate your journey to wellness.

All sessions are recorded, so you can watch at your own pace and re-watch as often as you want. Click on the icons below to view the full programmes that are now available to purchase as recordings.

My signature programmes provide an unparalleled service of virtual face-to-face interactions, education webinars, private community facebook group membership and virtual 1-2-1 private consultations, offering all the vital components: Education | Expertise | Support & Community  required to change your health for the better.

Foundation Programmes

Gut to Know is a Digestive & Optimal Wellness programme - new and updated starting 27th September 2022. 

The Whole Life Plan is a roadmap to help reduce vulnerability to developing disease, increase resistance to infection & improve resilience to facilitate you living as vibrantly, energetically & for as long as possible - recordings & all accompanying resources now available. 

Signature Programmes

Thyroid Thriving is a functional health programme created exclusively for women with an under-active thyroid.  Whether you have an autoimmune condition (Hashimoto’s disease), or Hypothyroidism - recordings & all accompanying resources now available. 

Click on the respective icons below to view the programmes.



“I signed up for the ‘Gut To Know Programme’, a 5 week Functional Medicine course focused on improving and maintaining good gut health. I learnt such a lot of valuable information about the gut and how to take care of the health of my gut in a safe way. Tanya’s knowledge and experience in Nutrition and Functional Medicine is vast and her enthusiasm and passion was very apparent. The course consisted of weekly live webinars which gave participants an opportunity to ask questions and were interactive. The webinars were recorded and accessible post programme. I received a recipe book with lots of great healthy recipes, a meal planner guide, a phytonutrients variety tracker plus other documents to help support me on the 5 week journey. There were additional bonus videos too. In all a fantastic Programme and I would highly recommend.”  -  Barbara Ives (Yoga Teacher)

"Your course has been a complete life changer for us. Thank you SO MUCH. It's transformer our diet and we are LOVING your recipes. We at 72 different phytonutrients last week and feel amazing for it..."

“Just catching up on week 4 of GTK…. WOW you are such a mine of information Tanya. Sorry I can rarely join live because of work/ home schooling but loving it all and catching up when I can."

"After all these years - I’ve kept to your recipes 97% of the time (had bacon twice and some chips). Bloating going down slowly but I’m super pleased I’m not snacking. Also need to tell you OMG that Oatly loaf is AMAZING. Feels like it should be really bad for you but it isn’t (taking it easy with the dried fruit). Anyway wanted to say THANK YOU and WELL DONE for being having such informative sessions - I will have to go over a couple of them again for full absorption."

"I enjoyed everything about the course and your knowledge is amazing, I have learnt so much so thank you for all of the effort you put into making the programme."

"I have found the course very insightful and interesting."

"Thank you for wonderful final session. The whole course has been a life changer. I am LOVING the recipes - had the raspberry dressing tonight with our chicory salad and was DELISH!!!"