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 My Health Hub Membership

Join a supportive, nurturing community facilitating your journey to optimal health through an exclusive private Facebook membership only group facilitated by Tanya Borowski, one of only 25 fully-certified UK Functional Medicine practitioners.

Through the private group Tanya shares a wealth of information every week to members: she distills research and shares updated functional health news and clinical pearls of wisdom, runs weekly Facebook lives on health topics ranging from skin health, how to best manage menopause symptoms to live cooking demos and also provides members with inside information about her favourite recipes, products and supplements, books, and events. 

Member Privileges

Nutrition: Recipes and on-line demonstrations.

News: The latest functional health in the news and relevant research.

Tanya’s expertise: Bimonthly  live sessions from Tanya Borowski on specific topics & answering your questions

Recommendations: Complimentary services, food products, nutritional supplements, skin care and cosmetics.

Bonuses & Benefits: Early access and loyalty discounts for Tanya Borowski events, programs & 1:1 consultation packages.

Community: Access to a supportive and positive community of like-minded individuals


Membership allows you early access & discounts on:

*Events: day retreats, practitioner masterclasses and residential retreats 

*On-line health programs

*1:1 consultation treatment packages and exclusive membership only access to Ask Tanya sessions. 


Ask Tanya sessions are a bonus offering for My Health Hub members only. These heavily discounted sessions are for members if you have some nutrition and or health related questions that you don't want to share on the group or would like some private time with me to talk through. Here are some of the areas or topics of health that I believe an Ask Tanya session may be helpful for:

  • Maybe you feeling overwhelmed by the current situation regarding Coronavirus and want to spend some time understanding the immune system and what you can do to support yourself and family.

  • Would you like to discuss a specific dietary model like intermittent fasting and the pros and cons of its approach.

  • To ask questions around nutritional supplements and nutrient deficiencies such as anaemia.

Ask Tanya sessions do not include; follow-up notes, review of any lab-work, communication with any of your healthcare providers, time to review any past or current medical documents unless it is while we are in session(If you feel that you need more bespoke attention, support and follow up the 1:1 appointment packages are for you).  

The Ask Tanya sessions are conducted via phone or Zoom. 

Cost: £55 for 30 mins | £85 for 45 mins | £110 for 60 min | email: to book.


My Health Hub membership  is ideal for professionals or health aware individuals keen to get more information about functional health and wellbeing.

Monthly subscription costs just £6.99 (that’s just £1.75 a week!) or a one off reduced annual fee of £79. Sign up now to secure your journey to optimal health membership for life!*

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