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Taming Inflammation & Autoimmunity Virtual Day Retreat

Taming Inflammation & Autoimmunity Virtual Day Retreat
 Taming Inflammation & Autoimmunity Virtual Day RetreatTaming Inflammation & Autoimmunity Virtual Day Retreat 

Brand:  Tanya Borowski



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Hosted and curated by Tanya Borowski, a fully Certified IFM Practitioner with a specialist interest in the gut and its associated immune system. Tanya is a global speaker at conferences on functional gastrointestinal & Thyroid health and is at the forefront of new research in this area.

Wednesday 20th May 2020  •  10.30am - 2.30pm  • Location: Livestreamed Event

Over the course of the day, Tanya will present her in-depth knowledge and up to date research to cover the key functional roles of the immune system and interrelated gut-immune system, as 80% of our immune system is indeed in the gut! You’ll learn how lifestyle & environmental factors can disrupt this delicate system and lead to symptoms and inflammation. You will learn how to work on these factors, be given many tools through combining nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental advice to better optimise your overall immune health.

This dynamic and innovative Virtual Day Retreat can be experienced, all within the comfort of your own home through webinars that you can watch live or download to watch later. The morning Masterclasses will explain how the immune system works and what can trigger this system to betray you leading to autoimmunity, pain and ultimate vulnerability. Armed with this knowledge, the second afternoon Seminar will explain how using targeted nutrition, nutraceuticals and lifestyle factors we can help to reduce pain and a feed forward  inflammatory process.

 As we can’t share lunch, I will be sharing the next best thing: a cookery demonstration from my fabulous inhouse chef specialist Jon who will be making a nutritious immune-boosting lunch for you to replicate yourself  You'll also be provided with with an e-Tool Kit containing an anti inflammatory food plan, a beautifully illustrated anti inflammatory recipe book and Tanya's updated immune related dispensary guide.

This event has been created and adapted to a virtual format by Tanya to be able to deliver her knowledge and clinical insights. After all... being informed is a powerful tool! 

Click on the tabs above to find out more about what's Included and the agenda for the day. 



Your Virtual Retreat Includes:

Masterclass: Understanding The Immune System & Overcoming Root Causes of Imbalance by Tanya Borowski

A gut-brain mindfulness and yoga-based practicum workshop by Emma Massingham. Mental and emotional states have a well-documented effect on physical health. We know that when exposed to certain stressful situations humans excrete a hormone called cortisol. If not properly utilized by the body (i.e. fighting or running away from the stressor as per the fight or flight response) cortisol does cause systemic inflammation in the body leading to a host of dis-ease. It is important that we learn stress management techniques to help rid our bodies of excess cortisol and decrease our inflammation.

 As we can’t share lunch, I will be sharing the next best thing: a cookery demonstration from my fabulous inhouse chef specialist Jon Bailey who will be making a nutritious immune-boosting lunch for you to replicate yourself 

Finally,Taming the Inflammatory Fire’ practical workshop by Tanya Borowski covering which foods and Nutraceutical supplements to use & why. 

Q&A sessions following each masterclass, workshop & seminar.

Your takeaway Anti-inflammatory 'Reset' e- toolkit written by Tanya (includes Recipe Book and Food Plan.

Lifetime access to all 4 recordings to listen, learn and use again and again. 

Agenda Overview:

Session1: 10.30-11.45 Understanding The Immune System & Overcoming Root Causes of Imbalance by Tanya Borowski 15 minutes for live Q&A follows

Session2: 12.15 - 12.45 mindfulness  practicum by Emma Massingham, 10 minutes for live Q&A follows

Session3: 13.00 - 13.45 Immune health focused cookery demonstration by John Bailey 10 minutes for live  Q&A follows with Tanya and John which will lead into the final 4th session of the day 

Session4: 14.00- 14.45 Taming the Inflammatory Fire workshop: discussing foods and supplements that can be used to tame the inflammatory fire by Tanya Borowski

Remember, all sessions are being recorded so if you can't attend Live on the day or all of the day, the recordings are available for you to watch and listen to again. 


At the first Masterclass: The underlying factors that set the stage for autoimmunity and inflammatory spectrum disorders like Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, Chronic UTI’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eczema, Histamine intolerance and Psoriasis.

The triggers that can cause an autoimmune or inflammatory flare-up.

What the research is now saying as to why we have seen an explosion of autoimmune & inflammatory conditions such as, rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac disease, autoimmune thyroid disorders.

Which foods to eat and to avoid to fight inflammation and balance the immune system.

Advanced natural functional medicine tools to calm inflammation.

How to restore and ensure  barrier integrity and create a healthy microbiome- immune interface.


The workshop: Taming the Inflammatory Fire; a practical and seminar based session we will discuss and showcase practical ways to build and restore Immune Health and how to restore breaches in the Gut Barrier.  As we can’t share lunch, I will be sharing the next best thing: a cookery demonstration from my fabulous in-house chef specialist John who will showcase 3 nutritious immune-boosting recipes for you to replicate yourself at home. I will then in the third session of the day discuss what high-grade supplements you can use specifically for gut, immune and inflammation.

My dispensary guide & tool kit: You'll receive an Anti-inflammatory Reset e-toolkit (e-toolkit includes a beautifully illustrated recipe book, food plan & immune focused A5 dispensary guide).



Reset the mind and body during a  45-minute mindfulness and yoga-based practicum by Emma Massingham




Wednesday 20th May 2020 


Virtual- delivered from my home for you to watch, learn and feel part of a community, in the comfort of your own home!

Due to the current climate of Coronavirus, I have decided to adapt the format and offer this Day Retreat, as a virtual program. You will be able to join live, and have lifetime access to recordings of the 4 sessions afterwards.