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Bio.Me Prebio GOS - 90g

Bio.Me Prebio GOS - 90g£24.50

Gut to Know

Gut to Know£199.00

Through weekly information-packed webinars we will take a journey of the entire functionality of the Gastrointestinal system covering and drawing from the latest scientific research and my clinical experience of working with functional gut complaints. You’ll receive easy to digest information across all areas of this wonderful system: the microbiome (oral, gut, lung, gut and even vaginal), the immune system, the gut-brain axis, the liver and gallbladder, together with plenty of guides on different food plans and when targeted supplements may be suitable.

CarminaGest - 120 caps

CarminaGest - 120 caps£34.99

Bio.Me Barrier 90 caps

Bio.Me Barrier 90 caps£32.50

Bio.Revive Mucin + 90 caps

Bio.Revive Mucin + 90 caps£44.50

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Page 2 of 2:    18 Items