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The Whole Life Plan

The Whole Life Plan£189.00   £175.00

Join Tanya’s new online programme to preserve brain vitality, reset weight, enhance immunity & reduce vulnerability to disease. Introducing The 5 Pillars of Health - providing you with the Foundations for Lifelong Wellness.

Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters£10.00

Red Clover Tea Blend

Red Clover Tea Blend£7.50

Red Clover Tea Blend to support menopause symptoms
Hot Flush Sage

Hot Flush Sage£22.50

A traditional herbal medicinal product
GI Globulin Select 136g

GI Globulin Select 136g£44.71

HPA Select 60 caps

HPA Select 60 caps£44.71

Lipid Select 60 caps

Lipid Select 60 caps£33.13

SereniSelect 60 caps

SereniSelect 60 caps£33.13

Sleep Select 60 caps

Sleep Select 60 caps£42.23



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Page 1 of 2:    18 Items