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Don’t know where to start? Try a Nutrikit, Lifestyle Bundle or a Luxury Boxset!

Whether you are new to my site or a returning customer, I know it can be difficult to find out exactly which product you need. So, I have done the work for you!

My NutriKits consist of:

  1. Thoughtfully selected combination of products that can help you reach your chosen health goal 
  2. A Health goal appropriate Functional Food Plan (a beautifully curated resource of foods to include and exclude, guiding principles, recommended serving sizes & shopping list).
  3. A copy of Tanya’s Recipes A5 book full of inspiring, easy to follow recipes that adhere to the recommended Functional Food Plan in your chosen kit.  

If you would like to get more information about which kit you should choose, you can always call my wonderful clinic manager - Susie on 01273 479011. 

My Lifestyle Bundles:

Combine personally chosen lifestyle products and selected supplements to suit the occasion, be it for travelling, anti-ageing or daily maintenance basics. 

My Luxury Boxsets:

Provide powerful and transformative roadmap for your health in either a 14 day, 10 day or 4 week (The Digestive Reset only) program. Typical benefits of the programs include improvements in skin, sleep, digestion, energy, healthy weight loss, and mental clarity with a reduction in bloating, constipation, headaches and joint pain.

For each boxset I have written a step by step guide with foods to enjoy and those to eliminate, complemented with a daily meal planner with simple and nourishing recipes to make it easy for you to stick to. Some people like to follow it precisely, others pick and choose recipes - whatever works for you! 

I have hand picked supplements and products from highly regarded companies. Each of these products contain unique complexes of nutrients, whole foods and botanicals to promote and support the specific areas of health that the boxset is targeting.  Whichever you choose, kit, bundle or boxset,enjoy the experience!

In health, Tanya x


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Metabolic Cleanse Boxset

Metabolic Cleanse Boxset£180.00   £150.00

Anti Inflammation PLUS Nutri-Kit

Anti Inflammation PLUS Nutri-Kit£125.00

A synergistic mix of anti-inflammatory ingredients for better control of inflammation levels and pain management. Double supplements for a stronger impact!

Menopause Bundle

Menopause Bundle£99.00

Brain Booster Nutri-Kit

Brain Booster Nutri-Kit£95.00

Contains targeted herbs, and nutrients found to have brain supporting and protective properties that support memory, concentration, and youthful cognitive ageing.

10 Day Express Metabolic Cleanse Boxset

10 Day Express Metabolic Cleanse Boxset£115.00   £75.00

Only 2.50 a day
Anti Inflammation Nutri-Kit

Anti Inflammation Nutri-Kit£75.00

A synergistic mix of anti-inflammatory ingredients for better control of inflammation levels and pain management.

PMS Bundle

PMS Bundle£69.00

World Traveller Bundle

World Traveller Bundle£69.00


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items