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Identifying root causes to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing

Our bodies need the correct balance of nutrients to function optimally. Stress, pollution, infections, poor diet, and, in fact, just the impact of everyday living can all combine to deplete us of these essential nutrients and disrupt our natural equilibrium. This leaves us vulnerable to system imbalances and the related physiological processes.

These imbalances start to show if left unchecked, taking the form of health complaints that are individual to you, including chronic pain, digestive issues, PMS, weight gain, migraines, fatigue, immune reactions and chronic disease. Dis-ease quite literally means "moving away from ease".

Body system imbalances and symptoms arise from the interaction of our unique genetic code with our environment, or what we term ‘triggers’ in functional medicine. A trigger is any stimulus that causes a bodily system to react, such as a food, a hormone, a stress signal, an infection, a chemical or a toxin. A great analogy of this model is to think of our genetic code and ancestry as the bullet in the gun, and our environment as what pulls the trigger. 

Wellbeing is not a given, it is indeed a continual journey.

Life, presents obstacles, yet it’s how you navigate these that shapes your health &  journey to optimal wellbeing.

For optimal wellbeing you need a plan.

Gathering knowledge & insights, selecting targeted therapeutics &  feeling supported creates a bespoke plan, that navigates you to your most optimal wellbeing.

Making  informed choices and  Incremental changes, manifest the most profound results.

To effectively address and provide the needed support across all these components, working with me is is centred around 3 core principles:

Informing and educating you about your health |  Sharing my  15 years of Expertise  |  Offering a Community & Support Network where you will be heard!

Whether on a Functional Health On-line Programme, as a Health Hub group member or on a 1-2-1 Functional Health Affiliate Package all three principles are honoured. Click each icon below to read more about each option. 


Please start your journey to optimal health by browsing my website to find what level of support resonates with you, or if you’d like to ask me what I believe is the best option for you, book in for a free 15 minute Get Acquainted call. 


**Please note, I have reached capacity for new clients until 2022, however, you can still submit a request to joining a waiting list for the new March/April 22  intake **

Whatever option you choose, welcome to my community, it’s great to have you here! 

In the very best of health,