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Hashimoto's and Autoimmunity: Causes & Solutions Masterclass

This Masterclass for healthcare practitioners, curated by Tanya Borowski, Certified Functional Medicine practitioner and Immunologist Dr. Jenna Macciochi has been designed to help practitioners master the functional concepts of immune regulation in autoimmune conditions. With a specific focus on thyroid, our masterclass will redefine how practitioners assess, address and manage thyroid health with functional clinical applications.

Part 1 of the masterclass, Jenna gets up close and personal with our immune system; how it works, where it is built, what it affects, how our childhood & external factors plays a role to its overall health. We will uncover what and how our immune system effects health, our emotions + hormones, our healing and damage repair and so much more. We look at how our food and lifestyle affects our immune system and what simple changes we can make on a daily basis to increase optimal health, alleviate allergies and inflammation.  

Key learning objectives:

  • Review the underlying factors to autoimmune inflammation, and how environmental triggers can influence immune tolerance and autoimmunity;
  • Discuss the interaction between LPS - endotoxin and the immune system;
  • Explain the interaction of the gut mucosal system and its role in immune regulation;
  • Discuss the role of T-Reg cells and how they influence the balance of the immune response; and
  • Discuss food and lifestyle advice for clients on modulating the immune system.

In Part 2 of the Masterclass Tanya will :

  • Walk you through the most important lab testing, as well as how to understand your lab tests.
  • Discuss and explain Thyroid-immune system-endocrine crosstalk and its clinical implications.
  • Explain altered thyroid metabolism into eight clinical patterns,  to help you as a clinician better target support and outcomes for your clients.
  • Dig deep into chronic infections, and other key triggers - how to test for them, and how to best support your clients in this situation.

To allow the day to be interactive and dynamic, we keep number to a maximum of 30, and anticipate spaces to sell fast.

As with all our Masterclasses this day is packed full of clinical jewels and insights - a day not to be missed!

Who are we


Tanya initially completed her nutritional training at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, but wanted to work more directly with clients, helping them to prevent and reverse chronic disease and truly transform their health. Combined with her passion for nutrition she decided to pursue a career in functional medicine. Now, as a fully certified IFM practitioner she brings her passion and dedication to each client, empowering them to obtain their optimal health potential.

Tanya has a specialist focus on Hashimotos & Thyroid solutions, Digestion & Gut health and poor energy delivery conditions such as Chronic Fatigue.

She has completed additional advanced training with the Hashimoto's Institute & Dr Datis Kharrazian’s Mastering The Thyroid for Clinicians in the USA. Tanya regularly lectures for several organisations and is in private practice in Lewes, Sussex.

Jenna gained her BSc. Immunology at the University of Glasgow (1999), she holds a PhD from the Faculty of Inflammation, Repair & Development at Imperial College London specialising in allergy, chronic inflammation and resolution (2005). Jenna has also held positions in infectious disease at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine & worked in Biotech specialising in clinical retraining of immunological tolerance using oral  immunotherapy. In 2009, Jenna was awarded a prestigious Presidential Fellowship to combine her personal interests in nutrition with study of the immune system including metabolic endotoxemia, post-prandial gut permeability, diet regimens & use of pre/probiotics.   

Currently a lecturer at the University of Sussex, Jenna teaches undergraduate & postgraduate immunology to medical, pharmacy & biomedical sciences students. Her research focus remains on understanding the role of nutrition & lifestyle on immunity.


Saturday 27th April 10am - 4pm                            

Refreshments provided throughout the day.                                                                                 

A 70 min lunch break will be provided for you to explore cafes in the area.


Royal Society Medicine - Marcus Beck Library, London


Early bird £120 – available until 31st March

Standard Price £149 – available until 26th April


Previous Events feedback:                                      

“We were given so much information both during the talk and to take away. The number of attendees was perfect as everyone felt comfortable to ask questions if needs be. Thank you.”                                         

“I loved the way that you both shared experiences of working with cases which brought the information to life. Also the generosity in the information and diet plans you shared. It really felt like you had gone out there, done all the work and gathered information from all the best research and experience and then shared it all. Really couldn't have hoped for more.”