Research and information in the last decade has literally exploded in the area on the gut microbiome, the gut-brain axis, and gut health in general. We know that  disruption in these pathways can lead to not only chronic gastrointestinal issues but this more recently appreciated system is also linked with successful weight management, skin health, changes in cognitive function, chronic autoimmune and inflammatory disorders and even our mood and hormones!  

Such an important system deserves due attention and so, I’m delighted to share my 5-week online functional health programme: Gut to Know! 

Gut to Know is an an ideal programme for anyone struggling with specific gut symptoms such as  bloating, food sensitivities, GERD, reflux, constipation or has an Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. But this programme is also for anyone interested in optimizing their health and ageing chronic disease free! 

Yes, you read that correctly, improving the health of your gut and microbiome can support: weight loss, improve mood and memory, skin health, better balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels, enhance energy and sleep, and reduced inflammation and joint pain. Gut bacteria can also influence your mood with evidence connecting the a disrupted gut microbiome to anxiety, low mood and depression.

Following many years in practice seeing clients and attending over 500 hundred hours of “practice changing” advanced educational lectures I want to share this accumulated knowledge through Gut to Know! The biggest gift I can give you is knowledge to empower you to optimise your health. 

Tanya x

How do I Gut Know

Through 5 self-paced information-packed webinars we will take a journey of the entire functionality of the Gastrointestinal system covering and drawing from the latest scientific research and my clinical experience of working with functional gut complaints. You’ll receive easy to digest (pun fully intended!) information across all areas of this wonderful system: the microbiome (oral, gut, lung, gut and even vaginal), the immune system, the gut-brain axis, the liver and gallbladder together with plenty guides on different food plans and when targeted supplements may be suitable.

Each webinar runs for approx 75 minutes, you can watch at your convenience and re-watch if you loved it so much- which i’m sure you will! 


Gut to Know 5 week schedule

Week 1: The Gastrointestinal System

We begin by reviewing how the entire gastrointestinal tract work and the clinical mechanics of digestive dysfunction. We will cover digestive secretion deficiencies, liver  and  gall bladder involvement  and intestinal permeability -  a heads up, gut dysfunction cannot be reduced to overly simplified concepts such as you have  “leaky gut and need a glutamine supplement”!


Week 2: Nutrition for IBS & Microbiome Diversity

What is the best way to eat for gut health and microbiome diversity ? - FODMAP, low carb, high fibre, Keto, Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, ….. It’s a minefield for sure! This week is all about unpacking the numerous “gut friendly’ diet models and providing you with a roadmap of what elements YOU need to follow for YOUR symptoms and best health.

You’ll also be provided with beautifully designed food plans and recipe PDFs for your Gut to Know tool kit.

*Added bonus: join me in my kitchen with holistic chef John Bailey. John will demo gut friendly foundational recipes to help build your confidence in navigating a new way of cooking .


Week 3: Common gut conditions & how to manage 

We will discuss reflux, IBS, food sensitivities, constipation, diarrhoea, food intolerances and SIBO, providing strategies to address these that are grounded in evidence from good-quality trials and observational studies. 

(this course is not intended to treat or diagnose and any if gut symptoms are accompanied by excessive weight loss in past 6 months, blood in the stool, fever, a history of cervical or colon cancer, vomiting coffee like granules or bloating that isn’t always postprandial it’s always best to consult your GP).


Week 4: The Magical Microbiome 

This week we discuss the good, bad and uninvited guests of the microbiome. I discuss the oral, gut and vaginal microbiome and shining a spotlight on the literature and connection with its impact in weight management, UTI’s, diabetes and skin health. 

We also dive into the topic of pre and probiotics - when and if to use them, what specific probiotic strains I recommend to support immune function, constipation or diarrhoea , the oral microbiome or UTI’s.

You’ll be provided with my pro and prebiotic dispensary guide for your Gut to Know tool kit.


Week 5: The gut brain axis, depression anxiety,  stress & sleep

This final week we explore the connection of the gut and the brain. Taking a journey on what is fondly termed the wandering nerve -  the Vagus nerve and understanding how this taps directly into our nervous system and impacts our mood, sleep and hormones . 

Added bonus: My wonderful team member Emma Massingham, a qualified yoga teacher and bodywork practitioner shares a bonus 30 minute gut-brain mindfulness yoga session. A wonderful gift from us that you can now have as a tool in your Gut to Know kit bag!




Cost:  £149

all recordings available immediately on purchase 


What's included 

You’ll receive over 12 hours of invaluable, up to date cutting edge content that can quite literally -  change the course of your health path!  You also receive resources to build up your own Gut To Know toolkit:

  • My Gut to Know recipe book
  • Meal Planner Guide
  • Phyto Variety Tracker Template
  • Diversity Plate Guide
  • Modification Tips
  • Dispensary Guide

Order the entire Gut to Know recordings NOW and join me on an engaging, illuminating and highly informative journey, you will not regret it!   Tanya x