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Glutathione Plus - Topical Patch

Glutathione Plus - Topical Patch
 Glutathione Plus - Topical PatchGlutathione Plus - Topical Patch 
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Brand:  Patch MD



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500mg of L-Glutathione, combined with components needed for the body to enhance its own Glutathione production.

Detoxification of damaging free radicals is key to optimal liver health, immune system functioning and energy production in the cells.

Free radicals can lead to a build-up of toxins in the liver and other organs, damage cells (requiring more cellular repair), and impair energy production.

This Glutathione Plus Patch supports not only detoxification, but also the body's ability to enhance its own Glutathione production & recycling within the cell itself.

No more pills to swallow - stick on a Patch instead!


Riboflavin R5P 20 mg

Vitamin (Ascorbic Acid) 500 mg

L-Glutathione 500 mg

N-Acetyl Cysteiine (NAC) 600 mg 

Molybdenum Glycinate 50 mcg 

Manganese Chelate 2 mg 

Magnesium Malate 50 mg 

CoEnzymeQ10 1,000 mg

PQQ (Pyrroloquinone Quinone) Disodium Salt 25 mg 

If you are pregnant, taking medication or have any other medical conditions consult a healthcare professional before using this product.

Apply patch daily to an area of clean, lotion-free skin, with little or no hair.

Ensure skin is at full stretch if applying to mobile area.

For best results, wear patches for a minimum of 8 hours, there is no benefit to wearing the patch for longer. Patches can be worn during sleep (except B12 Plus).

Patch is NOT waterproof. Multiple patches can be worn at the same time.