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Dr Hishams - Adult Vital Teeth Serum

Dr Hishams - Adult Vital Teeth Serum
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Brand:  Dr Hisham



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If you care enough about your outer skin, it's time to care for your inner skin - your mouth and gut mucosa and ALL their contents including ecology, microbiome, teeth, bones & gums.

Dr Hisham’s started actively researching and mixing his own handmade formulations for his daughter Noor since she was born in 2001. It all started with 1 Vital Question: "What if oral care products were actually health supplements protecting you and naturally nutritional to you and your symbiotic microbiome, rather than detergents, abrasives, irritants, toxins & environmental hazards?” As a practicing dentist, these products are the fruits of his labour.


Dr Hisham's Vital Teeth Serum is the world's 1st Professional Prebiotic, Alkaline, Food-grade, Natural Non-toothpaste for everyone. Safe to ingest, without badditives or toxins!

Prebiotic formulation to help you suppress bad bacteria & express beneficial bio-flora.

Cleans, protects, helps heal and Balances Oral health.

Vegan, Halal, Kosher & Paleo friendly.

Finnish Birch Xylitol, Ozonated Aqua, Organic Coconut Glycerine*, Organic Coconut Oil*, Calcium Glycerophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Betaine, Menthol, Eco Polygylceryl, Mentha Piperita oil, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Anisate, Zinc Citrate, Nano Hydroxyapatite, Xanthan Gum, Hypoallergenic Tea Tree Oil Extract, Vegan Vitamin K2 in MCT Oil, Vegan Vitamin D3 in MCT oil, NZ Manuka Oil*, NZ Totarol* 

* Certified Organic Ingredients.

No abrasives or toxins.

No alcohol or irritants.

No SLS or detergents

No fluoride.

No parabens.

No petrochemicals.

No plastic microbeads.

No Triclosan.

No Titanium Dioxide.

No animal testing or by-products.

No gluten, sugar, saccharin or aspartame.

Use on a super-soft toothbrush to clean your gums and teeth safely 2x per day for two minutes at least. Spit, don't rinse. Use the Alkaline Mouth rinse BEFORE brushing every-time. Apply with a clean finger as needed to aid healing, remineralisation, protection, saliva replacement, to freshen breath & to soothe sensitive teeth & gums.