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Digest Select

Digest Select
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Brand:  Moss Nutrition



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Digest Select is a comprehensive, broad-acting digestive enzyme complex intended to help support and promote the proper breakdown of food.

The formula contains amylase enzymes that help digest simple and complex carbohydrates, protease enzymes that help digest proteins and peptides, and lipase enzymes that help digest fats.

Lactase and alpha-galactosidase enzymes are added to help support the healthy digestion of milk sugar (lactose) from dairy foods, and complicated starches such as those found in beans, grains, and cruciferous vegetables.

Digestive Enzyme Blend: 110mg

Amylase 3500 DU

Protease I 21,000 HUT

Protease II 4,000 PC

Alpha-Galactosidase 150 GalU

Glucoamylase 9 AGU

Lactase 1,000 ALU

Protease III 50 SAPU

Invertase 400 SU

Lipase 500 FIP

Acid Maltase 14 MaltU

Peptidase  2 AP

Other Ingredients

Cellulose (capsule), Microcrystalline cellulose, leucine, silicon dioxide. 

If pregnant or nursing consult a physician before using.