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FOOD-GROWN® Antioxidant Plus - 60 caps

FOOD-GROWN® Antioxidant Plus - 60 caps
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Brand:  Wild Nutrition



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Food-Grown® Antioxidant Plus has been formulated for all using Ingredients with exceptional antioxidant properties to maximize your protection against free radical damage. An excess of free radical damage, or oxidative stress, from nutrient-low diets, environmental pollutants, stress or illness can result in damage to cellular DNA and speed up the ageing process. This can influence the health of your skin, bones, hormonal equilibrium and immune defences. Increasing your intake of antioxidants plays an important role in protection against premature ageing and the development of degenerative diseases. Each cell in your body has a powerhouse factory called the ‘mitochondria’. This drives everything from energy production to the metabolism of nutrients. These power-houses are very vulnerable to ‘toxicity’, most especially from pollutants found in our food and the environment and therefore require extra antioxidant support to ensure their smooth running. This allows the mitochondria to also go through a process called biogenesis, allowing it to increase its mass and to provide even more energy efficiently. This formula also promotes the natural production of glutathione – the body’s master antioxidant.

Beta Carotene 5mg N/AVitamin E 208Vitamin C 30mg 38Zinc 2.5mg 25Copper 250ug 25Manganese 2.5mg 125Selenium 30mcg 55N Acetyl Cysteine 250mg N/ACoQ10 0.4mg N/ATurmeric root powder (Organic) 200mg N/AMilk Thistle Powder (Organic) 200mg N/APine Bark Extract 30mg N/AGrapeseed Powder 10mg N/ABilberry Powder 10mg N/A Energy, fat, protein, carbohydrate Negligible
Food Grown process uses a plant-based enzyme to de-activate proteins on the food cell wall. Suitable for those with yeast or lactose concerns. Contains no live yeast at time of manufacture.