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Multi-Strain Biotic (Children) - 90 gms

Multi-Strain Biotic (Children) - 90 gms
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Brand:  Wild Nutrition



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Wild Nutritionís Multi-Strain Biotic for children has been expertly formulated to provide 8 strains of beneficial flora specifically selected to support your childís natural digestive environment. Beneficial flora has a central role in the immune development of babies and infants. Babies acquire this flora during the birth process and breastfeeding, however Caesarean section, feeding with formula-milk, vaccinations and antibiotics can disrupt this sophisticated balance of gut bacteria. Bespoke Child Multi-Strain Biotic has been formulated to provide the key strains for digestive wellbeing in children at a therapeutic dose of 10 billion colony forming units (CFU). Provided in an easy-to-use powder without any unwanted extras such as maltodextrin or silicon dioxide, it can be added to milk or other cold or lukewarm liquids.

Lactobacillus casei N/ALactobacillus rhamnosus N/AStreptococcus thermophilus N/ABifidobacterium bifidum N/ABifidobacterium infantis N/ALactobacillus bulgaricus N/ALactobacillus reuteri N/ALactobacillus acidophilus N/AEnergy, fat, protein, carbohydrate Negligible
Food Grown process uses a plant-based enzyme to de-activate proteins on the food cell wall. Suitable for those with yeast or lactose concerns. Contains no live yeast at time of manufacture.