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Having now run a busy clinic seeing clients for well over a decade (I’m showing my age now!), together with teaching in the “classroom” for leading institutions such as ION on their diploma and degree courses I am delighted to now offer educational and community support to fellow practitioners.  

My own clinical practice has evolved into developing a specialist focus in women's health and with this clinical acumen combined with attending what have been  “practice changing” advanced educational lectures myself  I am utterly passionate about sharing this knowledge with colleagues to further help them develop and grow their practices.

Welcome to my practitioner educational and mentoring programmes , I look forward to collaborating with you! 


Mastery Programmes & Masterclasses run over the course of the year with 3 specialist topics:


Masterclasses are full day virtual events on a specific topic, where programmes cover a broader system and run over 4 weeks. Both offer cutting edge education, professional support and guidance with your clinical cases and client ready resources from my own tool kit. Combining Functional Medicine principles with a connected thinking approach to develop optimal results with your clients. 

First up for 2023 :- Optimizing Women's Hormones Masterclass 24th May.

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My Affiliate Mentoring Hub for health care practitioners offers a powerful combination of knowledge, practical application. Providing content rich education & clinical pearls together with expanding  your clinical skills; teaching you how to integrate concepts into your practice & personalise treatment plans for your own clients.

Affiliate Group Mentoring offers 2x webinar sessions a month for 10 months which alternate between a) an Educational Focus; keeping you up to date with the latest ‘must-knows’ in Integrative & Functional Medicine; covering a wide variety of topics from diet models to concepts & diagnostics and b) Clinical & Business Focus; developing your clinical case taking skills, reviewing & discussing your cases & understanding how to grow your business to attract the right clients for you. Unlimited access to the Affiliate Hub portal for all mentees and Tanya to connect, share information and communicate in between sessions together with housing a library of research papers, "done for you" food plans, promotional lead magnets, e books & more is an invaluable resource to affiliates.

Affiliate group mentoring offers a truly comprehensive all round support to your on-going  learning, it's application and to the development & growth of your clinical practice. 


My Approach & Experience 

Full disclaimer: I am a biochemistry geek! I never stop looking for answers or seeking to improve my knowledge to help my clients - and now yours.

I first received a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and then after studying with the Institute for Functional Medicine in America for 5 years, in April 2016 was one of first 15 to gain the qualification - fully certified Functional Medicine Practitioner status in the UK. 

I have undertaken thousands of hours of undergraduate and postgraduate training to provide me with increased expertise in hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's, functional digestive conditions and functional endocrinology. My quest for knowledge has allowed me to partake in specialist training with some of the most respected functional medical doctors and specialists in their fields. I’ve completed training with leading coeliac and gluten sensitivity specialists including Dr. Tom O'Bryan, and programmes with renowned autoimmunity and thyroid specialists Dr. Datis Kharrazian and Dr. Izabella Wentz, including Dr. Izabella Wentz’s 12 week certification program through her Hashimoto’s Institute.

What am I studying currently? I believe learning should never stop, to that end, I'm studying with Cogence Immunology under Dr Samuel Yanuck. Cogence offers the most deep dive functional immunology learning programme for healthcare professionals. In addition, I am also studying Herbal Medicine for Women with Dr Aviva Romm at a post graduate level, and am enrolled on The Kharrazian Institute Clinical Mastership Training Program commencing in January 2022. All of this gained knowledge I pledge to share with you! To help your clients and grow your practices.