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Gut to Know

Gut to Know
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Brand:  Tanya Borowski



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Through 4 weekly information-packed webinars, Tanya will explain why the gut is the gateway to health, how diet, stress, and toxins can damage your gut and microbiome.

Dates: 27 September, 4 October, 11 October and 18 October 2022.

Gut to Know is an ideal programme for anyone struggling with specific gut symptoms such as  bloating, food sensitivities, GERD, reflux, constipation or has an Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. But this programme is also for anyone interested in optimizing their health and aging chronic disease free!

Yes, you read that correctly, improving the health of your gut and microbiomes can support: weight loss, improve menopause transition , skin health, enhance insulin sensitivity, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation and overall pain. Gut bacteria can also influence your mood with evidence connecting a disrupted gut microbiome to anxiety, low mood and depression, and the microbiome is also involved in programming and training our immune system. 

Following many years in practice seeing clients and attending over 500 hundred hours of “practice changing” advanced educational lectures I want to share this accumulated knowledge through Gut to Know! The biggest gift I can give you is knowledge to empower you to optimize your health. 

Tanya x

Through 4 information-packed webinars led by Tanya, we will take a journey of the entire functionality of the Gastrointestinal system covering and drawing from the latest scientific research and my clinical experience of working with functional gut complaints, and all aspects of hormonal health. You’ll receive easy to digest (pun fully intended!) information across all areas of this wonderful system: the microbiome (oral, gut and vaginal), the immune system, the gut-brain axis, the liver and gallbladder together with plenty of guides on different food plans and when targeted supplements or probiotics may be suitable.

Each webinar runs for approx 70 minutes, which you can join live each week and ask questions or rewatch at your convenience as all 4 sessions are recorded. The recordings will also  be available for you to re-watch for 12months after the programme has finished  if you loved it so much - which I’m sure you will! 

Cost: £89.99

What's included? 

You’ll receive over 6 hours of invaluable, up to date cutting edge content that can quite literally -  change the course of your health path!  Remember, all sessions are recorded so if you can't attend Live on the day or every week the recordings are available for you to watch and listen to again.

The Gut To Know toolkit includes:

  • Beautifully presented Gut to Know recipe ebook containing over 75 recipes
  • 4 week Meal Planner Guide
  • Phyto Variety Tracker 
  • Gut Diversity Plate Guide
  • Gut to Know Dispensary Guide:
    • Pre & Probiotic recommendations for specific conditions and situations.  
    • Digestive support to include: digestive enzymes, gallbladder and liver products
    • Motility support 
    • IBS support 
    • Reflux, Heartburn and GERD support
    • Antihistamines 
    • Intestinal permeability and immune support 

Plus a VIP invitation to join the GUT TO KNOW private Facebook community, moderated  by Tanya and her collaboration partner The Supplement Hub to answer you questions and queries over the four weeks (open 27th September - 19th October).

Facilitated in collaboration with 

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