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Golden Greens Organic Digestion Complex 150g

Golden Greens Organic Digestion Complex 150g
 Golden Greens Organic Digestion Complex 150gGolden Greens Organic Digestion Complex 150g 
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Brand:  Golden Greens



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If you're feeling bloated, not as regular as usual, or just a little 'stuck' down there, don't worry, we've all been there sometime or another.
Digestion Complex is an easy and natural way to increase your dietary fibre intake, to help promote regular bowel movements, soften stools and ease constipation, leaving you feeling freer and more relaxed. As Psyllium Husk, one of the eight ingredients, passes through your body, it absorbs water and turns into an expanding gel. This supports the collection of waste through the intestines, helping relieve the symptoms of constipation by softening stools.

There's also prebiotic inulin to help nourish your 'good' gut bacteria, and soothing Aloe Vera and Peppermint,