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Golden Greens Organic Golden Turmeric 100g

Golden Greens Organic Golden Turmeric 100g
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Brand:  Golden Greens



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If you’ve heard about Turmeric, Curcumin or even Turmeric Lattes and don’t know quite where to start, it’s alright, here's a good place.
Turmeric is the bright golden spice and curcumin is the active ‘compound’ within it.

The benefits of Turmeric have been highlighted by Dr Michael Mosley in the BBC's 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor'.

Curcumin doesn’t seem to be absorbed by your body on its own, and Dr Mosley found that adding ginger and pepper to turmeric enhances its absorption.

This blend of the Golden Turmeric blend with Organic Ginger and Black Pepper to do just that.