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True MCT Oil - 500ml

True MCT Oil - 500ml
 True MCT Oil - 500mlTrue MCT Oil - 500ml 
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Brand:  Ancient + Brave



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True MCT is the perfect metabolic oil for fueling the brain and body. Chemical and solvent free MCT comprises of two critical medium chain fats, C8 and C10, providing our bodies with immediate satiation and energy.

MCT boosts the metabolism by triggering the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel, keeps you fasting for longer and enhances physical performance, mental clarity and focus. It also works as a fabulous delivery system for the potent amount of antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs and nourishing collagen found in Ancient & Brave Coffee + Collagen and Cacao + Collagen.

Simply add True MCT oil and transform your drink or smoothie of choice into the ultimate fat burning beverage.

60% C8 and 40% C10 Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) derived 100% from sustainable Coconuts.
Dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, wheat-free, no gluten
Blend 1 to 4 tsp of True MCT into drinks and smoothies or consume straight from the spoon. To avoid any possible digestive discomfort start with 1 tsp a day gradually increasing to 4 tsp a day.

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