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All of the brands that I’ve chosen to share with you in this section I’ve personally met and their passion for healthcare and the environment is 100% aligned to mine. Golden Greens® , Purition, Liferocks, Dr Hisham's, NoMozzie & Ancient & Brave  - are all warriors in this market!

Enjoy x

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Ask Tanya Sessions

Ask Tanya SessionsFrom:  £45.00

A 45-min or 60-min remote session with Tanya Borowski for anyone who simply wishes to pick the brain of a functional medicine trained practitioner and nutritionist. These sessions are for you if you have some nutrition and or health related questions but do not wish to be a fully-fledged client.
Cacao & Collagen - 250g

Cacao & Collagen - 250g£22.00

Calm diffuser

Calm diffuser£28.00

Calm Soy Candle

Calm Soy Candle£22.50

Coconut Protein Powder - 500g

Coconut Protein Powder - 500g£19.99

Coffee & Collagen - 250g

Coffee & Collagen - 250g£22.00

Gemstone Bottle  - VIA Luna

Gemstone Bottle - VIA Luna£49.00

Gemstone Bottle - VIA Balance

Gemstone Bottle - VIA Balance£49.00

Gemstone Bottle - VIA Love

Gemstone Bottle - VIA Love£49.00

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Page 1 of 2:    23 Items