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The Art of a Woman's Wellbeing 40+ Retreat

The Art of a Woman's Wellbeing 40+ Retreat
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A 360 degree functional health day retreat lovingly curated for women in any stage of your ‘pause’; peri or meno. It is designed to demystify  and explain what is actually happening within your body, and by doing so take away any fear of entering these new phases of your lives. 

Tuesday  24th May 2022  •  10.30am - 4pm  •  Florence House, E.Sussex

Every one of us women transitions through perimenopause and into menopause, yet so many fear this natural process, associating it with negativity and loss. It’s time to reframe this transformative process towards a fulfilling second half of a woman’s life. 

While the conversation around the ‘pause’ is infinitely more out in the open than a decade ago, these life stages are still very much referenced as a condition or affliction,  rather than a natural, planned process of evolution.

As teens, we learned about getting our period and pregnancy. As women, we learn about pregnancy health. Yet most of us find ourselves completely in the dark for menopause and midlife health challenges. I’m out to change that! 

I passionately feel that women (and men!)  should be educated and informed on what's coming, rather than the current model of being left to manage symptoms and mountains of confusing and conflicting information. When informed we are rooted in a place of empowerment rather than a fear of the unknown.

My 360 degree functional health day retreat: The Art  of a Woman’s Wellbeing at 40+  is lovingly curated for women in any stage of your ‘pause’; peri or meno. It is designed to demystify  and explain what is actually happening within your body, and by doing so take away any fear of entering these new phases of your lives. 

Over the day, with a straight talking promise, backed by science, myself and Dr Nicky Keay, Endocrinologist and member of the British Menopause Society, will explain:

  1. The what & why: what is happening to your body and why the symptoms are so broad and different. We’ll dissect and discuss HRT & herbal supplements, what testing you should be considering or indeed dismissing
  2. The how: sharing  our combined medical and holistic clinical advise on menopause replacement therapy and most effective diet, supplemental & lifestyle interventions. 

All this will give you a far more informed approach, and the tools you need to help navigate through these life stages to secure your optimal and very BEST health and wellbeing - because as someone once said…. You're worth it! 

Tanya x

See Further Information and What's Included sections for more information.

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Please call 01273 479011 or book above 

Due to the bespoke nature of this retreat, taking only 30 persons, we expect the slots to be reserved quickly so would recommend that you book now to avoid disappointment.

Florence House photos credited to Vicki Knights

This dynamic and innovative Day Retreat is set at Florence House, in beautiful East Sussex. All workshops take place in the main drawing room with ceiling to floor bi-folding doors opening  onto the gardens and south downs beyond. You’ll also enjoy a delicious,  plant based nutritionally balanced and inspiring lunch.

 Hosted and curated by Tanya Borowski, a fully Certified IFM Practitioner and Nutritionist with more than 15 years’ experience in women’s health, working with PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, perimenopause and menopause. Tanya is accompanied by guest speaker and colleague Dr Nicky Keay, who has extensive in clinic  and research experience in the fields of endocrinology (hormones and menopause).

This powerhouse of a collaboration promises to deliver a truly integrated approach to this important life stage for all women.

I’m not anywhere near menopause - is this retreat for me?

Perimenopause can start form our 40’s and is indeed the master of disguise; a time of turbulent hormone levels, periods are erratic switching from heavy flooding to light, headaches and mood changes occur, together with weight gain and brain fog which are often missed as “oh, don’t worry, you are just hormonal”. This turbulence can last up to a decade before you reach menopause. So, yes! This day retreat is indeed for any woman that is beginning the menopause transition.

This event has been created by Tanya to be able to deliver her and Nicky’s knowledge and clinical insights within a small group setting for participants to get the most out of the day, as such has been limited to 30 attendees.

Your Day Retreat Includes:

  • The “What” Workshop: Understanding The Stages of Menopause Hormones and the  many symptoms explained by Tanya Borowski
  • The “How” Workshop: Tanya will provide diet, targeted supplement & lifestyle (to including testing) interventions to manage menopausal: weight gain, urogenital symptoms like UTI's , disturbed sleep, hot flushes, brain fog and anxiety by Tanya Borowski
  • HRT  & Testing Workshop: The myths, the truths, the benefits  of HRT & The Female Mapping Test by Dr Nicky Keay 
  • A plant based delicious lunch created by our holistic chef
  • Q&A sessions with Tanya and Nicky following each workshop
  • On booking you receive a 15% discount on the ground breaking Female hormone Mapping Test**
  • Your takeaway recipe book written by Tanya (includes Recipe Book and Food Plan)
  • Tote bag with health and wellbeing goodies from Tanya’s Health and Wellbeing Store 

*The purchase of your place is non refundable, but can be transferred if unable to attend at the 11th hour 

Our Pop up store with:

  • High grade supplements specifically for peri + menopause symptoms  
  • Organic skin care free of any nasty hormone disruptors
  • Makeup artist showcasing her cruelty free and organic makeup range (it’s gorgeous!) again free of nasty hormone disrupting parabens

** Female Hormone Mapping blood test. This product was borne out of a frustration around a lack of clinical insight provided by current blood tests. By combining blood analysis, mathematically modelling and clinical expertise Forth are able to provide women with much deeper insights into their hormones. For women in their 40s, Female Hormone Mapping is able to confirm likelihood that symptoms are due to perimenopause. It also enables women to track their transition to menopause over time helping them make informed decisions around HRT.  This is a home double  test kit, there is no need to attend a surgery for blood draw. Blood spot  samples to be collected on day 14 and day 21 of your menstrual cycle. Not suitable for women on hormonal contraception, HRT or women with cycles less than 22 days or more than 40 days. Full details can be found on FORTH’s website here.

Consider taking the Female Hormone Mapping test before the retreat, so you can view your results over the course of the day as they relate to the topics discussed. Dr Nicky Keay played an integral role in the development of this  innovative female hormone blood test, so it truly is a unique opportunity. 



Tuesday  24th May 2022 from 10.30am – 4pm


Florence House sits at the top of Seaford head on the edge of the South Downs. The house is surrounded by lush landscapes and sea breezes.  In essence, it is a place of inspiration, of calm and the most special of venues to house our day retreat.

Florence House
East Sussex
BN25 4JS