The mighty microbiome diet challenge

24 August 2020

Over the summer break, based on new literature surrounding SIBO, IBS and of course immune health, I have curated a new and updated food plan: The Microbiome Restoration plan

The goal of the Microbiome Restoration food Plan is to increase diversity of species such as  Lactobacilli , Bifido, Akkermansia, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii + other bacteria which produce health giving short chain fatty acids that positively impact not only of gut and digestive health but also support immunity, weight management and mood. 

With the  newest evidence on differing diet models impact on the microbiome I have gone back to the drawing board, incorporating tenants of a number of models ( so many of these are too restrictive, e.g a low FODMAP diet and versions of it is prescribed for SIBO and  I see it creating an entirely other set of problems)! …. the result is a plan that I am launching to all delegates on my Gut To Know 5 week on-line health programme.

Gut To Know delegates will receive The new Microbiome Restoration food plan with daily menus,  40+ recipes full of nutrients and phytochemical that encourage diversity in the gut microbiome. 

On WEEK 2, I invite all delegates to start a 30-day mighty microbiome dietary challenge that we will all do together -  the foods and food groups I have selected offer protective compounds that support your overall health. 

Think of The Mighty Microbiome challenge as a reset button for your health. For 30 days, you’ll eliminate foods that are commonly problematic (to varying degrees) with the goal to support not just IBS but reduce cravings, balance blood sugar regulation and hormones together to directly support your immune system.

Because of the sheer power that a diverse microbiome can reap - The Mighty Microbiome Diet Challenge can generate improvements in all sorts of conditions, like clearer skin, less swollen joints, increased mobility, less bloating and a leaner and stronger frame.  So if you’re thinking of doing an Autumn detox -  instead….. Get informed and sign up to  Gut to Know! 

Will you join me in September on the mighty microbiome diet plan challenge?