How does alcohol affect your body

8 April 2022

How does alcohol affect your body

I can’t tell you the number of clients after I’ve asked to take a break from alcohol (yes, even that 1 glass of wine to wind down) for at least 5 weeks, report back to me HOW much better they feel, and are amazed by the difference to their symptoms.

Alcohol negatively impacts all systems, from our hormones to our immunity. Here are some of the ways you might not know or think about:

  • Disrupts the gut microbiome; this can lower immunity making you more vulnerable to colds and flus, as well disrupt metabolism contributing to weight gain
  • Increases blood sugar; contributing to weight gain & cravings
  • Heightens cortisol, contributing weight gain anxiety and lowering immunity
  • Destroys sleep - especially deep sleep having a knock on effect to mood and immunity
  • Lowers mood & heightens PMS - During the late luteal phase (second half of menstrual cycle), independent of PMS diagnosis, studies show even a low-dose of alcohol resulted in decreasing allopregnanolone (ALLO) levels. ALLO is a wonder “hormone” because:
    • It can cross the blood brain barrier (and be made in the brain), and
    • Bind to GABA-a receptors bringing calm, anti-anxiety & soothing to the nervous system.

I don’t want to be a negative Nelly (no offence to the 2 lovely Nelly's I know), but just be aware that alcohol really does have far reaching effects beside the rotten hangover. And having a bit more understanding of these, I hope might be helpful for you.

In health, 

Tanya x