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1 Comment26 August 2021
Weight Loss Resistance

Weight loss, or more the inability to lose weight is about so much more than calories in vs calories out. Chasing the holy grail of optimum weight & weight loss is a multi million £ business but NO one diet model (gut friendly, keto, fasting, blood sugar diet, metabolic balance, detox) is going to be your answer, especially if you have been struggling with losing weight or plateaued.

16 October 2020
The Uk Agricultural Bill Amendment

Our Government has voted against an amendment to the agricultural bill which would have guaranteed imports meet the UK’s high standards for the environment, animal welfare and food safety. Food is information, from the biochemical reactions that occur at a cellular level - the types of food can actually turn on or off  “good” or “bad” genes. The foods we eat control our state of health and our gut microbiome, which has multiple impacts on our immune, metabolic and mental health.  

10 June 2019
Sugar on the Brain & Belly!

Compelling and staggering statistics about the projected state of our health as a nation makes for some grim reading... Since 1996 the number of people diagnosed with diabetes has increased from 1.4 million to 2.6 million. By 2025 it is estimated that over four million people will have diabetes and one million, will have a diagnosis of dementia.

So what are we doing wrong? I propose we need to consider that there can be a  number of contributing factors to dis-ease (moving away from ease) and that the “treatment” for “disease” with a single drug, the model of monotherapy is too linear for the explosion of chronic conditions that is crippling our NHS system. A Functional Medicine approach offers a framework that addresses the many possible underlying causes of these conditions, dementia being just one.

29 April 2019
Even more reasons to EAT your greens

Sulforaphane is a naturally occurring compound in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and kale that I have mentioned a few times in the past.

It is well studied to be antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and may even protect against ageing and diabetes. I now wanted to share some newer information I’ve come across,  that the Sulforaphane is activated only when vegetables are chopped or chewed!

Read more to find out about the science why I’m now chopping my cruciferous veggies in the morning before work for my evening meal…

24 April 2019
Fighting Histamine

Histamine intolerance is the result of an excess accumulation of histamine against the capacity for histamine degradation. Basically, a threshold is reached and when exceeded symptoms that resemble allergies occur including runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, hives, asthma, and chronic cough, as well as other symptoms including headaches, joint pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Read on to find out more about Environmental triggers of mast cell degranulation as well as how you can manage histamine intolerance...

9 April 2019
Getting to the Heart of The Matter

Last week I was honoured to spend 3 days with 15 others, training to become a certified HeartMath® coach. I left on Friday evening feeling empowered and excited to be able to have another layer of support I can offer my clients, as well as having a tool I can use personally to huge benefit.

Steeped in evidence, HeartMath® is both a technique or method of practice and a technology platform which are proven to be effective in regulating the nervous system and thereby managing stress and anxiety disorders.

I will be integrating this on all my 1:1 consultation clients to help you respond better during stressful situations to improve your emotional wellbeing. Read on to find out more...

18 March 2019
Are our diets costing the Earth?

This week two events happened that made consider again the impact our diets are having on our planet.

Firstly, we saw thousands of our children take to the streets again, striking for climate action, and then the following evening I was at my daughter - Milli’s school, meeting with all her teachers to discuss what her GCSE options will be.  Her Geography teacher was so compelling about his subject matter, it’s simply so relevant to this rapidly changing landscape.

The global food system itself spurs climate change, alters landscapes and drives resource shortages. And as population growth puts more and more pressure on resources, where does this leave my daughter and her peers, I can’t help but ask myself?

1 Comment21 January 2019
The Vaginal microbiome - yes Yes YES!

You've probably heard about the microbiome in your gut. But did you know that a similarly complex and important ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and viruses exists in the female reproductive tract? It's known as the vaginal microbiome, and it plays a key role in keeping women healthy.

14 January 2019
Is your Toxic Burden impacting your health?

Have you ever heard the term toxic burden? In Functional Medicine, we’ve been discussing and digging into the data for some time, and like all these things it is now being recognised and written about in published peer-reviewed journals and mainstream media.Toxic burden refers to the total number of toxic chemicals in your body at a given time, or the amount of a single chemical.

Our toxic burden or load has become a critical health and environmental problem. It affects us all and has been linked cause health problems.

29 December 2018
Fabulous five tips for a healthy and informed New Year

My Fabulous Five health tips for 2019 that will help tip the balance back into some equilibrium, accompanied with the reasoning why, without beating you with a guilty stick or asking you to live off green juices for a month!