Affiliate Mentoring Programme - what the 2022 cohort said

13 October 2022

Affiliate Mentoring Programme - what the 2022 cohort said

It's hard to believe that I am now approaching the last month in my Affiliate Mentoring Hub programme. I have been guiding 45 fabulous practitioners through the programme of over 200 hours of education and support: from the latest ‘must-knows’ in Integrative & Functional Medicine to developing clinical case taking skills, reviewing & discussing cases & understanding how to grow each business and attract the right clients. 

 As I continue to engage with the cohort, often on a daily basis in our Facebook closed community, I can see confidence growing and many are ready to take the next step in their career and clinic progression.

So while it will be sad to let go of such a wonderful group, I am very much looking forward to connecting with the new 2023 cohort in January. Find out more about the 2023 programme here, and if you are still uncertain, read through some of the feedback from the current cohort below.

In health, 

Tanya x


I am so glad that I decided to join Tanya’s Affiliate Mentoring programme last year. Tanya's knowledge on all areas of functional medicine is just incredible.It is however the way that she can explain difficult concepts (using a lot of cool analogies) and encourage you to think, connect the dots when dealing with clients that for me is her’ unique selling point’. Being knowledgeable does not always mean that you can educate but Tanya can.  I had a few haha moments.

Then where do I start regarding the content of the programme. Well there is so much covered  from how to map a case to reading blood tests results, to mapping hormones, autoimmunity, to my favourite gut health, guest speakers ,case studies, supplements. Tanya is also very generous and shares her own fact sheets, templates, tools that she uses in the clinic, recipe books and more. The Facebook group is brilliant for when you have a tricky client or you just would like reassurance.

I have accumulated so much knowledge, many little nuggets of wisdom over the year! I have even surprised myself and start taking on clients that I would have deemed  too ‘tricky ’ last year  but not anymore! Thank you so much Tanya x 

Gwen Gibson
Nutritional Therapist mBANT, CNHC

"If you are considering joining Tanya's wonderful Affiliate mentoring program, do it! It has been the most enjoyable, educational and helpful investment I have made in my nutritional therapy career to date. Tanya's dedication to functional medicine is second to none, the depth of her lectures and knowledge will blow your mind, and her enthusiasm in understanding the real root causes for clients symptoms is just such a joy to be a part of. My confidence has soared, my practice has transformed and I'm booked out in my clinic for the next 2 months, I am so grateful to be part of this community." 

Chloe Manlay
Nutritional Therapist BSc (Hons), mBANT, CNHC registered
True Skin Nutrition

"I've really loved Tanya's mentorship on so many levels. She so generously shares her knowledge and experience so that it can be used in practice to benefit those who need it. As a teacher she's my dream. She distills thousands of hours of her own learning down into lessons which are inspiring, insightful, practical and blend science with many years of clinical experience.  These concepts are then demonstrated in many real life case studies over and again in different situations.  It's not just the course content but the thoughtfulness of Tanya's teaching, her sense of humour, encouragement and kindness that made these months of learning so valuable."

Sara Bayley
Functional Medicine Practitioner

"For the past 2 years I have been drawn to Tanya through her wonderfully clear and well presented short posts that I´d seen.  I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

Working as an NT, especially living abroad, can be lonely at times and being part of a "community" of like minded and curious individuals is really important, so when I saw Tanya was offering a mentoring programme I signed up.  It has been more than worthwhile.  The content is exceptional, Tanya is approachable and non judgemental with all her mentees who are at different stages of their working life.  

Personally Tanya takes an interest in us all both on a professional and personal level.  I feel like I've gained a new friend and we've not met yet.  Hopefully that will come! If there is the possibility to continue a mini-version of this course, maybe a quarterly group meet up, I would welcome the opportunity."

Christine Kjeldbjerg
MSc Personalised Nutrition, BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy
Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC, MBANT, IFM Member, AFNMB member

"I was a bit hesitant to start Affiliate Mentioning with Tanya as I had just graduated from CNM and wasn’t sure I want to commit to another course and study again. I’m so glad I eventually decided to sign up last minute. The Mentoring has been the best course I’ve attended so far and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I can’t stress enough how much I have learned since we started and I can’t believe we have never been taught some of the things that Tanya provides in her course (I’ve a got Bsc in Nutrition and CNM degree)!

Her lecture about mapping cases was a game changer for my practice and  it no longer takes me hours to come up with a plan as I know how to figure out which areas need addressing. This course has given me the confidence to start practicing  and seeing clients shortly despite having little experience. Tanya’s Facebook group is an amazing place where we can ask questions about our own cases, supplements, testing etc. in between our sessions so you feel supported throughout the course. I wish the course never came to an end as I’m enjoying being a part of this amazing community and knowing there is someone much more experienced to advise me if I’m in doubt. The course is worth every penny and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Tanya for sharing your incredible knowledge and all your support."

Angelika Walczak
Holistic Nutritional Therapist 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed having Tanya as my mentor and couldn’t recommend her enough. Having graduated from ION as a Nutritionist 18 months ago, this was the perfect addition alongside my practise. I feel my knowledge and confidence has enhanced hugely within 9 months, knowledge which may have taken me years to accumulate on my own. 
Tanya is incredibly thorough in her attention to detail and devotes her years of expertise to each and every case we submit (we are able to submit our clients case for review & feedback). She gives us detailed feedback with any questions we may have, regarding our clients. This has given me confidence to tackle clients I would not normally have undertaken, whom were facing really difficult health challenges. I have also been able to achieve some fantastic results with my clients, alongside guidance from Tanya.
In terms of lecture material, we covered many fascinating topics, including autoimmune, hormones, gut, SIBO & histamine. Tanya’s amount of knowledge is just incredible! We also had many guests speakers joining, who are leaders in their field. After having in depth training into interpreting a Comprehensive Metabolic Blood chemistry test, I believe I am now better equipped in truly understanding a clients state of health. I am exited to apply this in my practise going forward."

Flora Crichton
Nutritional Therapist, BANT, CNHC, Dip ION

"Being part of Tanya's Affiliate Mentorship programme has completely transformed the way I practice. I feel confident interpreting blood test results, not looking at single markers in isolation, but identifying patterns across multiple markers, which have enabled me to make a real impact with clients. 

But it's more than just about the blood tests. Although it forms an integral part of the programme, the biggest benefit to me has been absorbing everyone's case studies and learning through real life clients and real life test results how to link pathways together and address them with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle. 

Tanya has challenged me and supported me in equal measures! Her knowledge is absolutely insane and although I'll need to rewatch many of the lectures again (and again), thanks to her incredible way of explaining complex problems, simply, I have such a better in-depth understanding of so many different biochemical pathways, and how to support them nutritionally. 

But most importantly, I have had some amazing successes with my clients. I'm not ready for the programme to end, I have loved every minute of it."

Louise Goulding PGDip mBANT CHNC AFMCP
Registered Nutritional Therapist


"I graduated in nutritional therapy 2 years ago and it goes without saying I was navigating the plans feeling very lost. I would spend hours and hours researching, reading and taking new courses without any direction. Tanya's programme has been crucial for my professional development, it was incredibly rich in contents and it gave me a proper structure. I now feel more confident and my practice has definitely benefited from her incredible knowledge. To top it all she is a lovely person and a true expert in this field.

​Eleonora Sandoni
Nutritional Therapist


"Tanya is someone I am happy to sing from the rooftops about.  She has helped me both personally (as a client) and professionally (in her capacity as a mentor). Being part of her affiliate mentorship has been illuminating and empowering. 

My post graduation imposter syndrome has been significantly lowered and I feel like a much more informed and capable practitioner under her guidance. 

Every practitioner needs this"! 

Katherine Horstmann
Registered Nutritional Therapist, DipCNM, mBANT, rCNHC


"The whole program has been mind-blowing fab. I’ve learnt so much, in an easy-to-digest way so I can apply it in clinic and your knowledge is just amazing. The support and dedication you’ve given to cases has been invaluable"

Caroline Webb - The Thyroid Nutritionist
Registered Naturopath, Holistic Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach
BA Hons (1st), CNN Dip.HNNP, mNNA, mGNC