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I am thrilled to introduce Kate Austin, as part of my team. Kate and I will collaborate with you to support, motivate and educate you to help you on the journey to your most  optimal health.

Tanya x

About Kate

My own healing journey began with conventional medicine handing me a diagnosis of a supposedly ‘incurable’ immune disorder, and my refusal to contemplate a lifetime of drugs and invasive medical procedures. My innate belief that the body can heal itself, given the right conditions, and that ultimate wellbeing is a fine balance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, led me on a personal journey through a fascinating myriad of healing practices, centred around the role of food and nutrition in health and disease. Over a decade prior, weaning my daughters had started a deep interest in the provenance of food - this now developed into a passion for understanding the healing power of food.

Renewed health challenges triggered by personal tragedy led me to focus on the impacts of stress and trauma on wellbeing, and acted as a catalyst for translating my passion into purpose, studying naturopathic nutrition and graduating with distinction from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. After previous careers as a lawyer and interior designer I have stepped into my power, aligned with my true purpose and passion, ready to support others on their transformative journey to optimal health, eating and living with intention.

Your Associate Wellness Package consists of three virtual or face-to-face consultations during which I will assess your case history, current concerns and your goals in order to create your Wellness Plan.

1. The Initial Consultation

Your initial nutrition consultation will be 70 minutes in Clinic or via Zoom. During this consultation, we will:

  • discuss your medical and health history, symptoms and any prior lab testing (which I will ask you to outline in forms to be completed and sent to me at least 2 weeks before the first appointment)
  • review your current diet, nutritional status, lifestyle and any nutritional supplements
  • talk about your goals, your current health issues and your approach to optimal health
  • discuss potential further lab testing

After this appointment I will reflect on all the information gathered and discuss and review your case with Tanya Borowski. Your unique, personalised Foundational Wellness Plan will be delivered at your Wellness Treatment Plan Consultation - this written report will detail your bespoke food plan, lifestyle advice and appropriate supplement regimen, together with results of lab tests (if appropriate).

2.The Treatment Plan Consultation

This 45-minute appointment will be 1-3 weeks after your initial consultation (timing will depend on whether we are waiting for the results of further lab tests). During this consultation I will present your personalised Wellness Plan which includes my hypothesis (following review of your case with Tanya), your bespoke nutrition plan (with meal ideas and recipes), explanation of lab tests, recommended nutritional supplements, and other informational handouts and other naturopathic recommendations.

3.The Virtual Follow Up

4-6 weeks after your second consultation, we will have a 30-minute virtual consultation to discuss your progress with the Wellness Plan, how you have responded to the programme, your successes and challenges. I may suggest adjustments, based on your experience, and we will discuss what you feel you need to keep making improvements.

Cost: £440

Nutritional supplements and testing are both additional to the Foundational Wellness Package costs.

Payment terms: full payment (£440) is required & invoiced at the time of accepting your initial consultation as part of this package or 6 weeks before which ever is sooner. 

To book an Associate Wellness Package with Kate, please complete and submit the following form:


I will then be in touch to offer you a free 15 minute pre-consultation phone call on a Thursday morning so we can best assess your needs and suitability, before confirming your Initial Consultation.  

Follow-Up Appointments with Kate 

These are for clients who have completed their Foundation Wellness Package with Kate and for past clients that would like a review consultation. 

What is included?

Follow-up Appointments in clinic, via Zoom or phone 

* The hourly rate is calculated to include professional time taken on reporting outside of face to face clinic time. For example, you may have a 45 minute Skype Follow-Up Appointment but takes a further 15 minutes to write your new Treatment Plan, a 1-hour fee is charged. 

Cost: £175* per hour

Kate Austin, Registered Nutritional Therapist, DIP CNM MBANT CNHC

My mission is to inspire and empower you to discover and become the most vital version of your whole self. My aim is to support you to accept yourself, be compassionate with yourself, nourish yourself and listen to your own deep intuitive intelligence to understand what your unique biology and physiology needs. I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, or that there is a ‘perfect diet’ - by working with you to identify the underlying nutritional, lifestyle and other imbalances which are impacting your wellbeing, I will create a personalised, practical approach to support you on your journey to your best self. I specialise in the following areas:

Gut Health

Hippocrates famously said that ‘all disease begins in the gut’, and research is increasingly highlighting the importance of our gut health – and in particular the health of our gut microbiota, the community of microorganisms that live within us – on our overall health. The host-microbiota interactions involving these trillions of microorganisms influence not just our digestive health but almost every function of the human body, including immunity, metabolic health, inflammation and the ageing process to name just a few! The gut and the brain are intrinsically linked via the physical and chemical connections known as the gut-brain axis: a healthy and thriving gut is therefore key to both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Women’s Health  

I have a strong interest in supporting women’s health, and the understanding of how our hormones change and adapt throughout our lives. From birth through adolescence, pregnancy to menopause and beyond, our genetics, stress levels, environment and nutritional status have an enormous effect on the delicate balance of these hormones, and influence both our physical and emotional health.

As a mother of two daughters, I am constantly aware of not just the effects of the natural cocktail of hormones on the adolescent brain, but also the additional challenges which modern society, our increasingly toxic environment and ever-present technology have on their physical and mental wellbeing. I aim to educate teenagers and young adults to develop a healthy relationship with themselves, with food and with their environment, to understand how their choices now impact their future selves, and to support them in becoming their own best advocates.

I am passionate about changing (sometimes, even having!) the conversation around menopause, and empowering women to understand that they can connect with the power of the natural cycles of the female life and use naturopathic approaches to conduct the hormonal symphony of this stage. I want to encourage women to view life around and after menopause not as a time of ‘loss’ (reproductive capacity, perhaps children leaving home, perhaps ageing parents) but as time where we can use our innate and life-gained wisdom to welcome a new and powerful time of growth, of reinvention, a ‘second life’ where we get to live in vitality and creativity.

I am committed to continued further education, and am currently enrolled in programmes with both the Kharrazian Institute and the Institute of Functional Medicine.

I am regulated by the British Association For Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and I hold professional liability insurance with Balens Ltd.