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The Consultation Journey

The starting point is for us to “Get Acquainted”.  I offer a free 15 minute call which is not a consultation, but a chance for us to connect, for me to learn a little more about your health concerns, and to ensure we are the right fit to work with one another.


If we agree that we are a good fit, the Consultation Journey will start with a Comprehensive Initial Consultation, which is the first step in the commencement of one of the following ongoing functional packages: 

  • Foundational Package (3 months);

  • Complete Package (6 months); or

  • Lite Package

The Comprehensive Initial Consultation 

Prior to the Comprehensive Initial Consultation, you will be asked to complete and return a range of intake forms, encompassing a main health questionnaire, a medical symptom questionnaire and a nutrition & lifestyle questionnaire. These help me to gain an overview of your current issues and health history, as a basis for our first appointment.

During the initial consultation:

  • We discuss your medical history, your goals, symptoms, prior lab testing, and nutrition status.

  • We engage in a conversation to find out more about you, your health, and family history to build your in-depth health profile.

  • I will verbally explain my initial thoughts & hypothesis, providing education as it relates to your case on which systems appear to need support with a suggested strategy towards your personalised health care plan.

  • We will identify which of the packages is most appropriate for you: Foundational, Complete or Lite (click here for full details see)

Following the Comprehensive Initial Consultation, and once we have identified which ongoing package is most appropriate for you, I begin to develop a working hypothesis for your case, mapping out potential triggers, drivers and contributing factors, and how they can impact physiological mechanisms in your unique case. This working hypothesis is the basis of your Functional Health Roadmap, which is a therapeutic and adaptable Roadmap, unique to you, that we will adapt as we move together along your path to optimal health.

Your Functional Health Roadmap will include:

  • a working hypothesis

  • tailored nutritional advice

  • testing recommendations

  • informational handouts

  • your Functional Food Plan

  • recipe book resources relevant to your food plan (only ebooks on Lite Package)

  • targeted nutritional supplement & herbal medicine prescription 

Change takes time, and the journey isn’t always sequential. Over the duration of your chosen package we continue to work on and refine your Functional Health Roadmap to uncover and overcome roadblocks, restoring you to the most optimum of health.

Payment for The Comprehensive Initial Consultation (£235) is invoiced and due 6 weeks before your appointment. Further payments (depending on the chosen package) will be invoiced following the Comprehensive Initial Consultation.