Tanyas Areas of Speciality
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Areas of Speciality 

The symptoms that present in your body, the lifestyle you lead and the food you eat will all lead me to different solutions and methodologies for dealing with your problems. I may recommend a different course of treatment to you to someone who is presenting very similar problems, and that’s simply because your unique physiology contributes to what I believe the best course of action will be.

Over the time that I have been practicing I have developed a specialist interest in and am most frequently approached to consult on:

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine seeks to address the root causes of health problems rather than seeking to offer a ‘quick fix’, as can often be the case when using conventional medicine alone ... [more]

Thyroid & Hashimoto’s Root Cause Solutions

The thyroid hormone is vitally important: every cell in the body - be that a gastrointestinal cell, brain cell or muscle cell - has receptors for it. Thus it quite literally drives the rate at which our cells burn energy: our metabolic rate ... [more]
Digestive Health Solutions
When I started in practice I was staggered by the number of people - both adults and children - suffering from constipation, diarrhoea, increased gas, bloating, burping after eating, painful cramps and spasms, reflux, acidity, fatigue, IBS ... [more]
Functional Hormone Solutions
"I’m just so tired all the time; I don’t sleep well anymore; I can’t seem to lose weight no matter how much I diet and exercise; I feel agitated and anxious". All these symptoms and others are surprisingly common, yet so often simply put down to just getting older ... [more]
Autoimmunity Solutions
We need inflammation! It's a vital process that our body goes through to mount a response to a perceived invader, be that a pathogen (bacteria, virus or yeast), damage to a cell (such as when we experience a cut or broken limb) or a toxin ... [more]