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Optimising Women's Health Masterclass

Optimising Women's Health Masterclass
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Brand:  Tanya Borowski



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Join respected functional nutritionist and educator Tanya Borowski for this MasterClass as she delineates the underlying causes, pathologies and integrated treatments for common yet misunderstood clinical presentations in women’s health. 

Wednesday 24th May  •  10.15am - 5.15pm  •  Hawthbush Farm, East Sussex

Supported by: Amrita Nutrition, Lifecode Gx and Forth

SOLD OUT - register for waiting list or future events

The optimal health and wellbeing of a woman is intimately linked to her menstrual cycle, a complex process orchestrated by interactions between many of the body's tissues, cells, and hormones - so much so it can be thought of as her “fifth vital sign”. 

Over the course of the day we will map mechanisms, root causes and integrative  treatment options of female hormonal imbalances and related conditions across the menstrual cycle from menarche to perimenopause. Conditions and interconnected organs covered within this framework are:- ovarian, uterine & vaginal health,  amenorrhea, irregular & painful periods, PMS, PMDD, PCOS and endometriosis. 

SOLD OUT - register for waiting list or future events


What’s included in the Masterclass?

>Fully referenced slide deck

>7  hours of high level education 

>Delicious plant based lunch, refreshments and snacks throughout the day 

> CPD points (in application)   

>Transfers to and from Lewes station in coming by train from Victoria  ( see venue tab)​


1015- 1145 Harnessing Hormonal Health: Amenorrhea. Painful Periods PMS, PMDD
Menstrual irregularities are common clinical presentations. Unravel the key drivers and gain confidence in pathology interpretation and nutritional herbal prescription.
Learning outcomes:
  • Fundamentals - The roller coaster that is the menstrual cycle
  • The multi faceted causes of PMS 
  • Classifying PMS-Symptom differentiation
  • PMDD…The next generation of PMS
  • Neuroendocrine influences : GABA & Serotonin influences 
  • Progesterone receptors and their involvement
  • Unopposed Oestrogen/Progesterone “deficiency”influences 
  • Pathology patterns and differences in hypothalamic amenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea, hyperprolactinemia, primary ovarian insufficiency
  • Testing timing; progesterone,  oestrogen, LH, FSH  and best methods 
  • Understanding of which herbs & nutrients  are indicated for specific menstrual presentations
1145-12.15:  Grounding breathing & stretching yin yoga with Emma Massingham coffee + herbal tea & snack break 
12.15 - 1.30pm: PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
PCOS is diagnosed in 1 in 10 women yet it is probably the most prevent  misdiagnosed condition, especially in young women. Tanya broadens the landscape and maps PCOS as primarily a hormone imbalance rather than a disease.
Learning outcomes:
  • The importance to the health of the ovaries and folliculogenesis
  • Ovarian steroidogenesis:- The dance of the granulosa cell and theca cell
  • Environmental impacts on folliculogenesis
  • The important difference between ovarian cysts and PCOS
  • Pathophysiologic features of PCOS 
  • Genetic influences & complications of PCOS 
  • Identifying  pathology patterns of PCOS
  • The effects of nutrients and herbs on the pathophysiology of PCOS
1.25pm - 2.25pm Lunch, catered by Wild Alchemy Foods, sponsored by Amrita Nutrition our platinum partner 
- Enjoy a delicious lunch  connecting with colleagues & presenters in the beautiful surroundings of Hawthbush Farm, weather permitting we’ll be eating outside-.
2.30 - 3.40pm Endometriosis 
Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women globally. We take a deep dive into this condition shedding light on novel treatment considerations including insights on the cross-talk between endometriosis and the immune system,  microbiome & toxic burden  to broaden our  understanding of the pathophysiology of the condition.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Theories behind the etiology and pathophysiology of endometriosis
  • Learn why endometriosis is not a hormonally driven disease and how recent research impacts our clinical recommendations
  • Exploring the  diagnostic options and common pathology test patterns seen in clients  affected by endometriosis
    Clinical tools to provide a more effective symptom management and long-term support for endometriosis clients 

  • Gut microbiota and endometriosis
  • The role of the immune system and management of endometriosis with leading Immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi phD

3.45 - 4.30pm Lifecode Gx presentation. - our gold partner
How to best utilise nutrigenomics to enhance your client’s outcomes across the hormone topics covered at this masterclass. 
4.30 - 5.15pm  Panel Q&A 

I am collaborating with leading hormone specialists that will be in attendance on the day to showcase their particular area of specialty: including the principle hormone testing labs, our gold partner Lifecode Gx, the UK’s leading professional-grade nutraceutical dispensary - Amrita Nutrition together with women's health experts ( see below) who will join for a lively no holds barred panel discussion, to offer you a truly bespoke experience of learning.  

Expert panel:

-Dr Jenna Macciochi,  Immunologist and author  

With over 20 years of experience, Dr Jenna is on a mission to break down the science behind our health and share the scientifically proven secrets of being well for good. Jenna is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Sussex, fitness instructor, health coach and author of two books Immunity: the Science of Staying Well (Harper Collins, 2020) and Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity (Yellow Kite, 2022)

Dr Nicky Keay, hormone health expert and author

Dr Nicky is a medical doctor and author of the wonderful book Hormones, Health and Human Potential ( Sequoia Books 2022). As Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at University College London and previously Research Fellow in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University, Dr Keay conduct clinical research in sports/dance endocrinology, resulting a range of research publications and awards. She provided the medical concept and input in the application of AI technologies to modelling female hormones and was selected for the long list for women in Health Tech 2022 .

- Julia Behrens, medical herbalist and author

With over 20yrs of experience and an Honours degree in Herbal Medicine a Member of the College of Practitioners of Phototherapy (MCPP). Julia has a specialist interest in the area of women's health and Lyme's disease. She has also lectured at the School of Herbal Medicine, Bader international study centre, lectured at Westminster and East London Universities, Queens University at the Bader international study centre, consulted for the WWF and set up training program in Lyme disease and on the plant therapy range for Neal’s Yard. Julia's long awaited book- Lost in Lyme ( Aeon Books) is due to for publication May 2023

-Melanie Brown, fertility specialist MSc Nutritional Medicine, BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Nutritional Therapy 

Melanie has been practicing for over 20 years, for eight years, she was the Senior Nutritional Therapist at London’s prestigious fertility and pregnancy Zita West Clinic, designing the nutrition programme for the clinic, and seeing thousands of clients. Melanie's specialist area is undoubtedly in pre-conceptual and pregnancy nutrition, including weight loss (and gain) and  immune issues.

My Dream Team:
Curating  and running this event would not be possible or complete without the help and involvement of these two fabulous women:

Emma Massingham,  yoga teacher, holistic facial therapist with 20+ years body work  

With over 20 years  experience in the " holistic therapy" world, Emma is our host running all logistics and ensuring the smooth running of the schedule and day. Emma, as a qualified yoga teacher will also be taking our 20 minute yoga practice session during the mid-morning break. Emma is a rare find, she has holistic therapy in her bones, and I encourage you to connect with her on the day, she has a wonderfully creative mind a can offer so much knowledge and intuition on any business idea!


Lucie Hawkes, of Wild Alchemy Foods

Lucie has a passion for growing, making & creating a delicious array of culinary delights. Lucie has spent the last 15 years working in the food industry alongside dieticians, nutritionists and as a private health chef. You are in for a lunchtime treat! Lucie will also be serving her delicious and nutritious bone broth for you to try, and you'll have some Wild Alchemy "treats" in your goddie bag!

Wednesday 24th May  |  10.15am - 5.15pm

Masterclass Venue

This educational packed day takes place at the beautiful location of Hawthbush Farm in East Sussex. I have particularly chosen this venue to curate an event away from a hotel conference room or a laptop screen, allowing us all to immerse ourselves in nature with the opportunity for you to interact with the panelists, presenters and sponsors while sparking cognitive pathways with inspiring and engaging knowledge to be able to then implement with your clients once back in clinic. 



Venue Directions

CAR: The address is Hawthbush Farm, Gun Hill, East Sussex, TN21 0JY (use 0JX for satnav). Hawthbush is a mile from the A22 on Gun Hill on the south side of the road, where you will find a farm track with a red sign saying Hawthbush Farm on the roadside, 

TRAIN: Direct London services can be had to and from Lewes (20 mins drive) 

PLANE: Gatwick airport is only 50 minutes drive from the farm.

TRANSFERS: We offer a group transfer from Lewes to Hawthbush departing at 0935 am (trains departs Victoria 08:24  arrives Lewes 09:26) and returns to Lewes from Hawthbush at 17:15 (train departs Lewes 17:54 to Victoria). These must be pre-booked, & we will request if you require this service on your ticket confirmation email.  


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