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Navigating The Web of Women’s Hormones

Navigating The Web of Women’s Hormones
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 Our goal, is to help you navigate the web of women's hormones applying a connected thinking approach.

Season 1 of this masterclass series begins with The Master Controller: HP-OAT Axis

10+ hours of live-streamed content delivered in:

4x 2.5 hour classes (dates in agenda below).

BANT CPD in process. 

To book please visit:

Part 1 - The Master Controller: HP-OAT Axis


Women’s health conditions are one of the largest group of presentations health professionals are seeing and are the foundation of their practice. But many teachings are hyper-focused on supporting isolated glands or naming conditions

“It’s an adrenal issue.”

“It’s your thyroid.”

“It’s oestrogen dominance.”

In reality, it’s never just one gland, there is an interconnected web, driven by the hypothalamus and pituitary (in the brain) and impacting ovarian, adrenal and thyroid hormone systems -  known as the HP-OAT axis. When part or all of this axis is out of balance, it can cause or contribute to a myriad of health issues or symptoms that your clients present with.

Our goal, is to help you navigate the web of women's hormones applying a connected thinking approach.

Our philosophy

Each class will build on the teachings of the previous session, presenting physiology and how genes, nutrients and lifestyle interact with steroid hormones across the entire HP-OAT axis. Armed with this connected thinking and clinical application approach, as a healthcare professional you will be far better equipped to navigate the web of women's health and support your clients to better health. 

Over 10 hours of content (delivered in 4 classes, including 1 extended case study session). BANT CPD in process. 

Live-streamed on dates & times (UK times). Recordings will be available to all registrants immediately after each live stream.



Places are limited to a capped number of delegates – we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.


As with all our Masterclasses this course is packed full of clinical jewels and insights! A unique event not to be missed! 

For further details including specific session content, dates & learning outcomes - please click on the tabs above.

From this Masterclass series, you will learn:

  • To clearly understand the various mechanisms of the conditions being covered
  • The very latest research and emerging theories
  • How to identify the many causes of hormonal imbalance in women
  • Which tests can be helpful to assess your client’s hormonal status
  • How to intelligently interpret the results of the assessments you run
  • Which are the most important lifestyle factors that may be affecting your clients
  • How to effectively navigate and balance hormones during periods of shift such as puberty, postpartum and perimenopause and
  • How the various hormonal systems interact including the thyroid, cortisol and sex hormones
  • What strategies and order of thinking you can use to improve your clients health

Coming September 2021... 

Season 2 - The influence  of The Immune system  & Inflammation on OAT axis

  • Week 1: A Review of immunology and concepts of how autoimmunities progresses, focusing on: T cell polarization imbalances, T cell fates and functions
  • Week2:Autoimmunity & thyroid root causes 
  • Week3:Interplay between histamine & The HPO Axis
  • Week 4: Interplay between GI  inflammation & Neuro-inflammation on the HP OAT Axis
  • Week 5 case studies 

Week 1: HPA Axis overview, and Adrenal Stress response | 12th May, 10am -12.30pm

Taking a detailed look at organs, glands, hormones, receptors and signalling processes that control the entire stress response, including:

  • The Hypothalamus-Pituitary Axis physiology 
  • Modifiable environmental factors that drive and perpetuate the stress response
  • Functions & dysfunctions of cortisol (‘new sugar’)
  • Adrenaline & noradrenaline lifecycle and effects
  • Testing & assessment of HPA axis, test validity and reliability, and surrogate markers
  • Genes and environmental factors that impact HPA axis balance, including:
    • FKBP5 & cortisol regulation - physiological & socio-psychological impacts
    • Adrenaline/ Noradrenaline lifecycle - impact of/ on methylation, and COMT & MAO genes
    • Adrenaline Receptor SNPs and the intensity of the ‘fight or flight’ response
  • Personalised Nutrition, Nutraceutical & Lifestyle support for HP & Adrenal health

Week 2: HPT Axis - Thyroid balance, metabolic & mental health | 19th May, 10am-12.30pm

Taking a detailed approach to the Thyroid system and crosstalk with other hormones. In this session we review these interactions and implications for metabolic and mental health, including:

  • Thyroid physiology, and steps required for thyroid hormone synthesis, transport & activation 
  • Explain impacts & patterns of altered thyroid metabolism, to help get better outcomes for your clients
  • Identify interactions between thyroid & other hormones essential for thyroid axis function
  • The most meaningful lab tests and how to interpret them
  • Genes & environmental factors that affect Thyroid hormone balance, including:
    • HPT regulation & dysregulation
    • DIO genotypes and T3 & rT3 synthesis
    • SNPs & cofactor impact on T3 function
  • Personalised Nutrition, Nutraceutical & Lifestyle support for Thyroid balance

Week 3: HPO Axis - Sex steroid hormones, cycles & shifts  | 26th May, 10am-12.30pm

Taking a detailed approach to the Sex Steroid Hormone lifecycle, interactions with other hormones and clinical implications, including:

  • Physiology of menstrual cycles through life stages: teen - menopause & all in between
  • Physiological roles of oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA as it relates to women's health and associated conditions 
  • Genes & environmental factors that impact the sex steroid hormonal and physiological changes of perimenopause & menopause, including:
    • Synthesis - interactions of SNPs stress, metabolic, nutrition & environmental factors
    • Differential sensitivity to sex steroid hormones
    • Deactivation & detoxification - and impacts of other HP hormones
  • Personalised Nutrition, Nutraceutical & Lifestyle support for Sex Steroid Hormone Balance 
  • Assessment of how and when in the testing hormones: urine, saliva and blood

******* 1 week break to allow for half term******

Week 4: HP OAT Axis - and Neurosteroid interactions |  9th June, 10am-1.30pm

Extended session to include case studies review

Taking a detailed approach to the neuroendocrine system, including he interactions between the major neurotransmitters and women’s hormones across the HP-OAT axis covering:

  • Sex Steroid hormones & their metabolites and their neurosteroid functions
  • Neurosteroid balance and imbalance particularly at times of hormonal shift - puberty, pregnancy and postpartum, pre, perimenopause and menopause
  • HPA axis dysregulation & interplay with sex steroid hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) and neurotransmitters (serotonin & others) centrally - as neurosteroids and locally
  • Understanding the interactions between oestrogens & catecholamine neurotransmitters Understanding the interactions between progesterone, its metabolites & GABA
  • Nutrition, Nutraceutical  & Lifestyle support you can offer to your clients

Case Studies - This final week is opportunity for delegates to submit case studies and engage in a round table discussion to consolidate learning

Reminder, recordings will be available to all registrants immediately after each live stream if unable to attend live sessions .

Tanya Borowski, Cip CNM, mNP, IFMCP Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Tanya initially completed her nutritional training at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, but wanted to work more directly with clients, helping them to prevent and reverse chronic disease and truly transform their health. Combined with her passion for nutrition she decided to pursue a career in functional medicine. Now, as a fully certified IFM practitioner she brings her passion and dedication to each client, empowering them to obtain their optimal health potential.

Tanya has a specialist focus on Hashimotos & Thyroid solutions, Digestion & Gut health and poor energy delivery conditions such as Chronic Fatigue.

She has completed additional advanced training with the Hashimoto's Institute & all courses offered by the The Kharrazian Institute, developed as an educational institute focused on teaching clinical practice models to healthcare professionals by Dr Datis Kharrazian. Tanya regularly lectures for several organisations such as ION and is in private practice in Lewes, Sussex.

Emma Beswick, MBA, BA (Hons), NT(Dip) 

Emma is a nutritional therapist and CEO of Lifecode Gx, the leading nutrigenomics testing, analysis and training provider. She is passionate about the power of nutrigenomics to enable personalisation of nutrition and lifestyle to empower individuals to optimise their health. Emma’s focus is on identifying and understanding common genetic variants that can be adjusted, compensated or exploited through diet and lifestyle. Although we can’t change our genetic code, we can change their (our) environment, to benefit our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Emma is a member of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/ Nutrigenomics (ISSN), Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) and a regular speaker, presenter and participant at conferences on nutrition, genomics, genetics and epigenetics including at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge UK. She is also the author and co-presenter of Lifecode Gx popular Nutrigenomics Snapshots and Masterclasses.