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Functional Day Retreat: Healthy for Life

Functional Day Retreat: Healthy for Life
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Functional Day Retreat: Healthy for Life

Boost Brain Function, Reset Weight & Reduce Risk of Disease

Wednesday 10th July 2019 | 10.00am - 16:30pm | Hawthbush Farm, Sussex

Do you have aches and pains that can’t be explained by overuse or injury? Are you having a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try? Do you have a diagnosis of diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, IBS or on medication like statins?  Have you noticed you are just not as sharp mentally as you were?

If any of these conditions or symptoms resonate with you then my “Healthy for Life” Day Retreat is for you!

The day delivers an accessible, science-based, client-friendly centred plan for living an active, age-defying, disease-free life.

You will learn how to practically implement diet and lifestyle interventions for achieving optimal health, preserving brain vitality, losing weight, and reducing your risk for chronic diseases through a functional and integrative approach.

Hosted and curated by Tanya Borowski, a fully Certified IFM Practitioner with a specialist interest in functional gastrointestinal & hormone health, she is at the forefront of new research in this area.

Over the course of the day, Tanya will present her in-depth knowledge and up to date research to cover the key functional roles of the gut-immune, gut brain axis and blood sugar metabolic balance. You’ll learn how lifestyle & environmental factors can disrupt this delicate system and lead to symptoms and disease. You will learn how to work on these factors, be given many tools through combining nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental advice to better optimise your overall health.

This dynamic and innovative Day Retreat is set at Hawthbush Farm, in beautiful East Sussex. Masterclasses will take place in the studio of a cosy converted barn overlooking a stunning meadow, with the Sussex Downs as a backdrop.  Practical workshops and cooking demos take place in a rustic open plan kitchen setting in the afternoon. You’ll also enjoy a delicious blood sugar balancing and microbiome boosting lunch.

This event has been created by Tanya to be able to deliver her knowledge and clinical insights within a small group setting for participants to get the most out of the day, as such has been limited to 25 attendees.

See Further Information, Agenda and What's Included sections above for more information.

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£195 (ends 30th June 2019) Full Price £225

Please book online or call 01273 479011 with any queries.

Due to the bespoke nature of this retreat, taking only 25 persons, we expect the slots to be reserved quickly so would recommend that you book now to avoid disappointment.

Optional Extras

  • If you would like to book a night or two and extend your retreat we recommend Montys Bed and Breakfast - a boutique Bed and Breakfast situated in the heart of historic Lewes. Click here for more reasons to visit Lewes and the surrounding area!
  • If you are extending your stay, please consider booking in for a massage with the highly talented Emma Massingham at Tanya’s Clinic and Wellbeing Store.

Your Day Retreat Includes:

  • “Healthy For Life “Masterclass: by Tanya Borowski:

Tanya will deliver a powerful prescription for optimal health and prevention of dis-ease. Built on current science, presenting a crucial alternative model to the standard health care system of “fixing-the-broken-parts” approach to focusing on prevention and removing underlying causes of dis-ease progression.

  • A gentle mindfulness and yoga-based practicum by Emma Massingham.

Mental and emotional states have a well-documented effect on physical health. We know that when exposed to certain stressful situations humans excrete a hormone called cortisol. If not properly utilized by the body (i.e. fighting or running away from the stressor as per the fight or flight response) cortisol does cause systemic inflammation in the body leading to a host of dis-ease. It is important that we learn stress management techniques to help rid our bodies of excess cortisol and decrease our inflammation.

  • A delicious Blood Sugar balancing and gut microbiome boosting lunch by Wild Alchemy Food.
  • The 'Healthy For Life’ practical workshop by Tanya Borowski,
    • Discussing popular diet models such The 5:2, Intermittent Fasting, The Blood Sugar Diet and what is the optimal approach
    • What Nutraceutical supplements to use & why
    • Presenting top 10 Whole Health superfoods and  cookery demonstration
  • Q&A sessions following each masterclass, workshop & seminar
  • Your takeaway Healthy for Life toolkit written by Tanya (includes Recipe Book and Food Plan)
  • Transfers to and from Lewes train station (at selected times)
  • A tote bag full of health and wellbeing goodies from Tanya’s Health and Wellbeing Store


In the opening Masterclass Tanya will explain and identify the five factors that are the root causes of poor health and reveal how to control them:  nutrition, impaired metabolism- dysregulated blood sugar, inflammation, poor detoxification & our microbiome, and oxidative stress.

You will be empowered with a plan that can be implemented the very next day to begin achieving and retaining optimal health immediately.


The 'Whole Health Life Plan’ practical workshop: a practical and seminar based session after lunch in the beautiful kitchen. Tanya, initially will  debunk common medical myths ('eggs cause heart disease, cholesterol is “bad”)',and uncover the real truth about popular diet models  such 5:2, Intermeitment Fasting, The Blood Sugar Diet and what is the optimal approach. What Nutraceutical supplements to consider and engage in a cooking demo that will give you ideas and concepts to integrate into a busy family life.

Our Pop up store with:

  • High-grade herbs and supplements
  • Organic skin care free of any nasty hormone disruptors
  • Makeup artist showcasing her cruelty-free and organic makeup range( it’s gorgeous!) again free of nasty hormone-disrupting parabens

A Private consultation table hosted by Tanya for you to have 10 minutes 1:1 time if needed after the masterclass & workshop.


The mind and body during a pre-lunch 45-minute mindfulness and yoga-based practicum by Emma Massingham

With a delicious lunch by Wild Alchemy

Leave with a Tote bag full of health and wellbeing goodies from Tanya’s Health and Wellbeing Store and your Healthy For Life toolkit (toolkit includes recipe book and food plan).