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Ask Tanya Sessions

Ask Tanya Sessions
Our Price:  £65.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
Ask Tanya Duration:  

Brand:  Tanya Borowski

30, 45 or 60 minute “Ask Tanya” sessions are being offered for those who simply wish to pick the brain of a functional medicine trained practitioner and nutritionist. These sessions are for you if you have some nutrition and or health related questions but do not wish to be a fully-fledged client. Here are some of the areas or topics of health that I believe an Ask Tanya session may be helpful for:

  • Maybe you feeling overwhelmed by the current situation regarding Coronavirus and want to spend some time understanding the immune system and what you can do to support yourself and family.
  • Maybe you have listened to a number of podcasts on a health topic such as IBS, SIBO or hashimoto’s and are confused by the information and would like to have a conversation with a health professional. 
  • Would you like to discuss a specific dietary model like intermittent fasting and the pros and cons of its approach. 
  • You can also utilize an Ask Tanya session to ask questions around nutritional supplements and nutrient deficiencies such as anaemia.

These sessions are conducted via phone, skype or at the Lewes clinic and are simply a time to ask a health professional the questions you’ve always been pondering about!

Ask Tanya sessions do not include:

  • Any follow-up notes
  • Review of any lab-work
  • Communication with any of your health providers
  • Time to review any past or current medical documents unless it is while we are in session.

All of these are provided to clients on a long-term foundational or complete functional health package.


£45 - 30 mins

£65 -45 mins

£85   60 mins

Pay for your Ask Tanya Session here, and we’ll e-mail you 2 appointment slots to choose from.

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