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The first six My Education & My Clinic sessions amalgamate to deliver keystone classes integrating two foundational topics:-

 1. Interpreting a Comprehensive Blood Chemistry from a Functional Medicine perspective

I use functional blood chemistry analysis in my practice with literally every client. It is such an important skill to have to know how to correctly interpret blood chemistry from a functional perspective. 

A comprehensive blood chemistry can reveal key information about your client’s health, it is the gold standard “language” used amongst healthcare and medical professionals, is  the single most efficient and effective tool for evaluating physiology for multiple body systems and processes including hormones, blood sugar regulation, kidney function, liver function, digestive function, cardiovascular health, oxygen carrying, oxidative stress, inflammation and thyroid function. 

Learning how to read and interpret blood chemistry results, identify patterns of sub-optimal function as well as frank dis-ease allows you as a practitioner to move forward with your client's case and tailor a support plan with far more confidence. These sessions teaches you how to correctly interpret more than 70 blood chemistry markers  that includes: 

CBC (complete blood count) 
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Thyroid Panel
Autoimmune & Inflammatory-Related Markers
Vitamin D Metabolism 

Here's a snippet of what you can expect to learn and start to recognise in your clients :

2. The Mapping System Blueprint
 Tanya teaches you how to effectively work-up a case using a MindMap framework to organise all the data we gather into a working hypothesis & dynamic treatment plan. Without a system and the ability to prioritise we get caught up in the noise and fall back into applying protocols: gut, thyroid, hormone balancing, detox and list of supplements. This framework provides a reliable system that allows you to think in a connected way, streamline your client approach, move away from the dreaded niching protocols and confidently determine the best clinical direction in each client. 

My Eduction+ Clinic combined sessions:

January 27th: The Mapping System Blueprint - Part 1 & Interpreting A Comprehensive Blood Chemistry -  part 1 

  • Setting up your clinic with better systems for client information collation and work-up. We’ll start with introducing our  “How to Evaluate” templates , building our tool kit with intake forms, a pathology manager, Mindmap & Timeline templates. 
  • Interpreting A Comprehensive Blood Chemistry: Acid base balance & electrolytes

February 10th: Interpreting A Comprehensive Blood Chemistry -  Part 2 
In these sessions Tanya presents on how to evaluate a complete blood count and comprehensive metabolic blood chemistry, teaching how to identify patterns of sub-optimal function rather than just looking at isolated markers. There is SO much we can gleen and work with rather than asking our clients to run multiple function testing panels.  We dive deep into:

  • Acid Base Balance case study and review 
  • Calcium regulation, parathyroid and a review  of the evidence in supplementing post-menopausal women 

February 24th: Interpreting A Comprehensive Blood Chemistry -  Part 3 
We dive deep into:

  • Renal markers: we learn how these reflect our client's body composition, diet / protein needs and health of regulatory process

March 10th:  Interpreting A Comprehensive Blood Chemistry -  Part 4
We dive deep into:

  • Liver, lipids and metabolic markers 

March 24th:  Interpreting A Comprehensive Blood Chemistry -  Part 5a

  • Understanding immune markers & the patterns to look for

New bonus date  April 1st: Interpreting A Comprehensive Blood Chemistry -  Part 5b

  • Iron studies, CBC , haematology & patterns to look for

Following our 6 keystone sessions, bimonthly My Clinic & My Education sessions build upon these foundations, layering knowledge, clinical application, intelligent discussion and business know how. 

My Education sessions

From April onwards, with our foundations in place we weave in specific situational testing and naturopathic interventions. We will cover a collection of lab tests; teaching you how to corroborate or contrast results from functional hormone tests such as DUTCH with blood testing, nutrigenomics and various blood chemistry markers. Topics & naturopathic interventions taught include:

Sex & Adrenal Hormones and when to assess these in relation to a menstrual cycle, & importantly discuss when to use blood or functional testing  i.e DUTCH
Microbial Balance & G.I. Function 

  • April 21st: Mapping Histamine; and the hormonal & GI interplay 
  • May 19th: Mapping Pain, Stress & Fatigue - The endocannabinoid system with Emma Beswick of Lifecode Gx & Tanya Borowski 
  • June 22nd(amended): Mapping Female health across reproductive years (incl PCOS & Endometriosis ) with leading female health endocrinologist Dr Nicky Keay & Honorary Clinical Lecturer Medicine, University College London. Nicky has extensive clinical and research experience in the fields of endocrinology and sport and exercise medicine. Testing covered June 30th "My Clinic" session
  • July 14th  Mapping Thyroid dysfunction and understanding patterns on a blood test
  • September 8th: Mapping  Autoimmunity & an aberrant  Immune response with Tanya Borowski ( specialist testing with Robyn Puglia, VP Education, Cyrex Labs 22nd September)
  • October 6th: Mapping Dysbisois & SIBO with GI Queen Tracey Randell of IBS Clinics 
  • November 3rd :Mapping Peri menopause and Menopause; covering HRT, stages and symptoms of menopause and how to support your clients in with their GP  with with Tanya Borowski

My Clinic Session: 

  • April 7th: Integrating all the information and learning from previous 6 sessions;  now explaining the Mindmap Blueprint  in depth and how to then order a Mindmap into a flexible and effective framework. Case Studies Using The Mapping System Blueprint and consolidating all information learnt so far.
    Followed by clinic systems with Amrita Nutrition, our Platinum partner. 
    Tanya and David Brassey of Amrita Nutrition have know each other for over a decade. In this session they share time saving templates and practice management systems to include:

✅ Done for you email templates: from new enquiries to your clients
✅ Appointment Processing
✅ Choosing and streamlining your supplement plans 

  • May 5th: Personalising Food plans to include Histamine, Oxalates, Salicylates and Sulphur Sensitivity & mapping of your submitted case studies 
  • May 31st: Functional Biome Testing with Invivo Healthcare covering; GiEcologiX & Vaginal EcologiX & mapping of your submitted case studies 
  • June 30th: Hormone testing & assessment; discussing the merits and clinical use of blood panels with Dr Nicky Keay; chief medical officer FORTH. Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at UCL. Dr Nicky Keay has extensive clinical and research experience in the fields of endocrinology and sport and exercise medicine.  Following we will discuss the clinical use and merits of urine panels such as DUTCH & genetic testing.   
  • July 28th:  1 Hour: Developing lead magnets and a marketing campaign with Marketing and PR guru Gail Sheen 2nd Hour: mapping submitted case studies 
  • September 22nd: Autoimmunity & Food reactivity; CYREX testing with Robyn Puglia, VP Education, Cyrex Labs UK, EU and Ireland  & mapping  of your submitted case studies - due to time differences and the location of the speaker this session will commence at 2pm GMT 
  • October 20th: 2 hours case studies with David Brassey and Tanya Borowski
  • November 17th: Final review session - you choose the topic and focus 

My Affiliate Portal will include

Ready to go marketing tools:
  • Health & nutrition programme concepts 
  • Seasonal Health Challenges
  • Recipe handouts
-Client ready handouts
-‘Done for You’ Food Plans that you can modify for your clinic 
-E-recipe books
-‘Done for You’ information handouts
-Recordings of all webinar sessions
and so much more... 

Mentees have 24 months access to the affiliate portal allowing for continued communication in between sessions within the group and with Tanya. 

Each new webinar with be delivered live on the  2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at 11:00am. If you miss the live session, you can access the replay in the membership portal library.

2022 Dates: 

11.00am on January 27th, February 10th & 24th, March 10th, 24th & 29th, April 7th & 21st, May 5th & 19th, June 2nd, 16th & 30th, July 14th & 28th, September 8th & 22nd, October 6th & 20th, November 3rd & 17th. 

We will have August "off", although the portal of course is still open for business! And I'm sure a little festive get together will be on the cards in December too!