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My Education: topics will include

The overarching purpose of these sessions, is to simplify, not overwhelm. To tease apart specific concepts, and mechanisms, helping to reveal patterns in our clients and how to then apply in clinical practice.  

  • Blood Test Result Interpretation : Learning how to confidently read and  interpret standard blood chemistry results, identify patterns of sub-optimal function as well as frank dis-ease -  there is so much we can gleen about a clients health from the most commonly performed labs.
  • Histamine overload: assessment & management 
  • Oxalate Overload: assessment & management. We discuss accurate assessment for oxalate excess, together with food plans provided in the portal 
  • Vaginal microbiome Assessment & management : discussing  Bacterial Vaginosis, Candidiasis , UTI’s and vulvodynia

  • SIBO management by Tracey Randell

  • Pain & fatigue assessment and management

  • More exciting topics to be added to the curriculum through the year….

My Clinic: 

The overarching purpose of My Clinic sessions is to become familiar and confident with plotting a Mindmap ( that may well be different to ones you've used before). This framework helps to consolidate all the information we gather ( intake forms, case history, labs etc) and build a connected thinking approach and flexible treatment plan. As a group, when sharing each others cases, we will use this framework to support each other and share those light-bulb moments! The other element, is of course the growth and development of your business; as such some sessions are solely devoted to tapping into our creative side. 

Sessions will include:

  • Building your clinical skills of:
    • Mastering how to Map a case :
      • How to order the complexity and appreciate the connections 
      • Begin to see a hierarchy and create a clear vision of the order or “treatment” 
      • How to avoid the trap of prescribing a supplement for an ill
      • How to organise your thoughts to form a  working hypothesis into a working mindmap and dynamic treatment plan 
    • Medical history taking; learning the right questions to ask and how to map a clients history
    • How to review, interpret and prioritise laboratory tests
    • How to modify and tailor personalised treatment programs
  • Regular case study presentations, using the TBMindMap framework , which allow for mentees to present cases and have Tanya’s input 
  • Business savvy strategies and concepts discussing: 
    • How to set your fee structure; pro’s & cons of packages
    • How to set up a profitable group programme of same condition clients
    • Organising your time/ Appointments/ How long for a consultation without you AND the client being overwhelmed/ exhausted.
    • Tele-Medicine v Face 2 Face  how we approach differently 
  • Guest speaker to talk us through developing lead magnets, your online presence, E-books, newsletters and developing a marketing strategy 

My Affiliate Portal will include

Ready to go marketing tools:
  • Health & nutrition programme concepts 
  • Seasonal Health Challenges
  • Recipe handouts
-Client ready handouts
-‘Done for You’ Food Plans that you can modify for your clinic 
-E-recipe books
-‘Done for You’ information handouts
-Recordings of all webinar sessions
and so much more... 

Mentees have 12 months access to the affiliate portal allowing for continued communication in between sessions within the group and with Tanya. 

Each new webinar with be delivered live on the  2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at 11:00am. If you miss the live session, you can access the replay in the membership portal library.


11.00am on January 27th, February 10th & 24th, March 10th & 24th, April 7th & 21st, May 5th & 19th, June 2nd, 16th & 30th, July 14th & 28th, September 8th & 22nd, October 6th & 20th, November 3rd & 17th. 

We will have August "off", although the portal of course is still open for business! And I'm sure a little festive get together will be on the cards in December too!