Stage 2: Affiliate Member Package


If, after the Initial Investigate Consultation appointment you then wish to continue the journey with me, you’ll be invited to become a member of my practice and work with me through an Affiliate Functional Health Package. An affiliate package structure has been carefully curated to provide you with all three components (education, expertise & support) that I feel are imperative to allow you to make the required changes on your health journey.



Affiliate Package  

An Affiliate package is a 16 week membership to my practice.

I expand upon the hypothesis and now begin to map out possible triggers & contributing factors, how they can impact physiological mechanisms as it related to your functional health roadmap. This plan is dynamic, it is not a one-off treatment plan or standard protocol based on the name of your condition or diagnosis (e.g hashimoto’s  autoimmune hypothyroid or menopausal), it's a therapeutic and adaptable roadmap, that is yours! 

What is included:

  • 1 x Functional Health Roadmap*

  • 5 x 45-60 minute follow-up consultations with updated amendments to your Functional Roadmap 

  • 3 x Quick fire 20 min support calls or email check in to help you on the journey

  • Exclusive access to the Affiliate members health portal ; an e-library full of information handouts, videos, webinars, recipes and ebooks. 

  • 16 week access to My Health Hub closed facebook community 

  • 2 -3  hours professional research on your case outside of clinic time together with time spent making adaptions to your Roadmap and prescriptions 

*The Functional Health Roadmap will include:

  • a working hypothesis of systems that require attention and /or  further investigation
  • tailored nutritional advice
  • testing recommendations
  • informational handouts
  • recipe book resources relevant to your food plan (A5 hard copy)
  • targeted nutritional supplement & herbal medicine prescription 

The differing lengths of appointments allow us to work over time to assess and refine your Functional Health Roadmap.  This allocation of appointments allows for an appointment every 3- 31/2  weeks, which is the perfect length of time to keep feeling connected and on track. 

Over the duration of your affiliate package we continue to work and refine your Functional Health Roadmap to uncover and overcome roadblocks, restoring you to the most optimum of health.

Change takes time, and the journey isn’t always sequential. Everything about your membership is working to ensure you are supported, you gather information about your health, you feel empowered to make changes and experience positive results and outcomes.

Cost £1,550

On occasion I may suggest a shorter 8 week package; that includes 2 x 45-60 minute follow-up consultations, 1 x quick fire support call and 8 weeks access to members health portal and My Health Hub. Cost £750

Nutritional supplements and testing  are both additional to the package cost. Click here for a full menu of Functional Laboratory Testing that I use in my clinic.

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