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Stage 2: Affiliate Member Package


If, after the Initial Investigate Consultation appointment you then wish to continue the journey with me, you’ll be invited to become a member of my practice and work with me through an Affiliate Functional Health Package. An affiliate package has been carefully curated to provide you with all three components (personalised support, expertise & community) that I feel are imperative to facilitate you to make the required changes on your health journey. It takes time to find root causes, conduct testing and research and connect all the dots to best optimise your health, an affiliate package provides this level of support. 


The Affiliate Package Overview  

We now expand upon the hypothesis and Roadmap Review from your initial investigative consultation. I will have recommended getting some testing performed to further enhance the action points of your case. Examples of functional & conventional test that I commonly work with include Lifecode Gx nutrigenomics, comprehensive blood chemistries, microbiome testing (oral, gut and vaginal), Female Hormone Mapping, and food reactivity. These tests are run by private laboratories and are an additional cost, please be reassured that I only recommend testing where I feel this information will enhance my decision-making process and thereby your outcomes.

I don't "treat" a lab result, I use this detailed objective information in conjunction with the subjective data collected at the initial investigative consultation to drill down and get to the root cause/s of your case. Two of the most utilized tests are; a comprehensive metabolic blood test and LifecodeGx nutrigenomic panels, collectively providing information to the health of each body system with how nutrients affect your body's expression of your genes. 

Over the duration of us working together we gradually build on your Roadmap, test results feed into the foundations laid and enable a deeper level of understanding about your genetic areas of vulnerability, your biochemistry, and more targeted direction on nutrition intervention and support.

Your plan is dynamic, it is not a one-off treatment plan or standard protocol based on the name of your condition or diagnosis (e.g hashimoto’s  autoimmune hypothyroid or menopausal), it's a therapeutic and adaptable roadmap, that is yours! 

What is included:

  • 2 x 45-60 minute follow-up consultations with updated amendments to your Functional Roadmap

  • 2 x Quick fire 20 min support calls or appointment to help you on the journey

  • 12 week access to My Health Hub closed facebook community(a library of content for you to re-watch together with joining live private monthly webinars- see link for details) 

  • 1.5 hours my professional attention on your case outside of clinic time, together with time spent providing written follow up adaptions to your Roadmap and to answer brief email questions over the duration of your package.

The differing lengths of appointments allow us to work over time to assess and refine your Functional Health Roadmap.  This allocation of appointments allows for an appointment every 3- 4 weeks, which is the perfect length of time to keep feeling connected and on track. 

Your first "quick fire "appointment  usually takes place fairly soon after the initial consultation , as I have found it is very helpful to start focusing on the personalised dietary advise I have provided. This allows for you to ask questions about the food plan and for us to spend time talking about how to make changes, and for these to be realistic, and never overly restrictive.  

Change takes time, and the journey isn’t always sequential. Everything about your package is working to ensure you are supported, you gather information about your health, you feel empowered to make changes and experience positive results and outcomes.

Over the duration of your affiliate package we continue to work and refine your Functional Health Roadmap to uncover and overcome roadblocks, restoring you to the most optimum of health.

Cost £950

Nutritional supplements and testing  are both additional to the package cost. Click here for a full menu of Functional Laboratory Testing that I use in my clinic.

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